March 2009 Trip - Manila

by Kyle



Really great weather. Most folks that live there thought it was too hot...but, being from the northwest in usa....I thought is was wonderful.

Almost everyone speaks good English and are friendly. So friendly in fact, that I thought they were up to no good at first, but as the days went on, I began to realize, Filipino people, are just pretty darn happy...all the time.

It takes a day or two, to adjust to seeing M-16's in the cops hands...and a cop at every corner. But, this too becomes normal after a few days. if you see them, your safe. If you don' sure you realize where your at.

Shopping was wonderful and very cheap. I only took $300 usd with me from the start. I never could spend it 10 days. OMG! it was cheap.

Sunrises and sunsets were warm and beautiful. Easy to get anywhere in the city. Jeepneys run 24/7. There is ALWAYS a party somewhere in Manila. Go find some, and have some fun.

btw....I miss it so much, I'm taking another trip next month......6 months this time.

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