Manila Pre-Paid Airport Taxi

by Pete
(Alexandra, Vic. Australia)

There is a lot of bad information about taxis in Manila.

I read on numerous sites (including the airport's own site) that you are better off using the 'airport pre-paid' taxi service to get to your destination from the airport. The reason is to avoid conflict with 'metered' taxi drivers if they don't turn on the meter.

I followed this advise and was charged P1,750 from the airport to my hotel in Cabao.
The fellow that took my payment asked for a tip, as did the driver at the end of the trip.

The return trip at a similar time of night (11pm) in a metered taxi cost P250.

I traveled in taxis a bit while in Manila and never once found one that did not turn the meter on if asked. The simple answer if a driver does refuse is to get out and find another.

So at the airport don't get herded out the arrivals door by security. Go up the stairs to the departure exit and save yourself a lot of pesos by using a metered taxi. There are plenty to choose from at almost any time of day or night.

Comment from Brett:

Hi Pete,

Great information and you are absolutely correct.

Whilst trying to ensure tourists do not get ripped off once they have arrived at NAIA they appear to have made an even worse problem for themselves.

Metered taxis should be available to everyone, the set fee for the pre-paid Manila airport taxis should be the equivalent of the metered taxis to any given area in the Manila surrounds.

This happens well in other Asian countries, for example getting a pre-paid airport taxi from Kuala Lumpur International Airport into KL the set fee is within RM20 of metered taxis. The system there works well.

Thanks for the information Pete, just go upstairs to the Departure platform and get a metered taxi!


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