Manila Pavillion is Excellent

by Ashley perez
(San francisco , usa)

The rooms are great and the food as well. The hotel is just near the mall and restaurants.

But i have a complain to one of your concierge , she looks good and respectful in the outside but so bad in the inside. She really looks like a bitch and cant be trusted.

My friends boyfriend is also her boyfriend even though she knows that my friend and her boyfriend are still together and lives together. What a role model.

Theres no need to post it so other customers can read it. But i just want you. Guys or the management knows this. Because i will continuously make a complain to this person until you make some action. And i will tell my friends and friends friends not to stay in manila pavilion since a lot of them stayed there unless you guys do something about it.


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Feb 23, 2012
wag pakilamera
by: Anonymous

you know what, its just his problem if he has a lot of gfs. As long as he is doing his work well, there's no need to fire him, hello. Whats the matter with you.

Apr 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yep, looks can be deceiving. Just got to know what they are doing. It's usually like that.

Trust the ugly ones cuz they are usually well mannered.

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