Malate Bayview Tower

by Curtis Good (English teacher)
(Shanghai, China)

This building, which is on Adriatico Street next to Remedios Circle, has apartments for rent at around 1500-2500 php a day depending on size and view. I have stayed in this place 3 times within the last 12 months and highly recommend it. The building is safe, modern and clean and also has an outdoor pool that is open until 9pm.

The landlords with apartments for rent are called Manila Lee and Serena, respectively. They both have apartments with sea views of Manila Bay and I have to say that this kind of apartment is absolutely excellent.

There is a policy concerning visitors but it is not as strict as some other places, tenants just have to confirm with the lobby that they are expecting a guest.

The area that it is in is also good for nightlife including the disco ZZYZX, which is just over the road and free to get in.

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