Living in Bohol

by victor harrison
(mineral wells texas)

In 2005 i moved to Bohol to retire. I was 48 years old. I lived there for 2 years. Its a great place. Very cheap to live there.

I lived just outside of Tagbilaren City. Lived in a two bedroom apartment. The rent was 5500 piso..Electric 1800 piso grocery 6000 piso. live in maid 1500 piso plus food.

I owned a small truck and a new Kawasaki motorcycle. Life was good, friendly people.

My budget was 350.00 U.S. Dollars.

At that budget i didnt want for anything. The only thing i really missed is the American

Got married and moved back to the U.S. to raise our two children..Oh well..great experience..

Best part i found my true love Gina pictured here. Local girl..

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