Leaveing is harder than entering in Manila..........

by J.

My wife and I just spent three weeks in the Philippines. We had a great time. We got to see most of her family.

We just had a nice time. We flew into Butuan and than to Cebu. However, leaving to go back to the states, Immigration started to ask my wife all about her stay here, and if she was travelling with me as grilfrind or my wife.

She told them she was my wife, then they asked her for her marriage certificate. Well they did not relize who they were talking to. My wife is the most perpared person that I ever met. She not only showed them that, but also her 10 year green card.

The exspression on the imagration officers face was a kodak moment. He was very disapointed not being able to stop her for any kind of reason.

At the time I was not next to her but was standing about 10 feet away, so when I caught up to my her and asked what was that all about she said it was there job to make more money for the airport. So that's what happen.

We will be back again and I'am sure my wife and I will be ready for anything that comes our way.
Love the Philippines. J.C.

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