land trip from dipolog to cebu

by dime abarquez
(cebu philippines)

1. what are the cargo ships (barge) that travels from dipolog to dumaguete, and dumaguete to cebu?

2. what are its time departure.

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by: Anonymous

How much is the rate from oslob,cebu to dipolog and your schedule... pls give me information about it... thanks

Land trip Question
by: Ronelyn

hi, ma\am/sir i'm asking for the rate og dipolog oslob/cebu?Thank you.

dipolog to cebu
by: Brett

Hi Dime,


There are 5 Shipping lines servicing this route, these are:

1. Cokaliong Shipping Lines

? MV Filipinas Iloilo
Departs to Dapitan every Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday at 7 am
Departs for Dumaguete Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday at 4 pm

? MV Filipinas Dumaguete
Departs to Dapitan every Wednesday / Friday / Sunday at 7am
Departs for Dumaguete every Wednesday & Friday at 4 pm

2. Aleson Shipping Inc.

? Ciara Joie
Departs daily from Dipolog to Dumaguete at 10:30AM
Departs daily from Dumaguete ? Dipolog at 4:00AM

3. Asia Marine Transport Corp.

? Super Shuttle Ferry 12
Daily : Dumaguete ? Dapitan at 5:00PM
Daily : Dapitan ? Dumaguete at 5:00AM

4. Montenegro Shipping Lines

? Maria Beatriz and Maria Helena
Daily at 6 am (ETD) and 5pm (ETD)

5. George & Peter Lines

? MV Georich and/or MV Zamboanga Ferry


There are 4 shipping line plying this route. They are:

? Aboitiz Transport System
? Cokaliong Shipping Lines (RORO)
? George & Peter Lines (GPL) (RORO)
? Ocean Fast Ferries

Their schedules are:

1. Cokaliong Shipping Lines (RORO)

? Everyday except Monday. Leaves Dumaguete at 12midnight and arrived in Cebu at 6 am (6 hours trip)

2. George & Peter Lines (GPL) (RORO)

? Dumaguete-Cebu City route: Thursday at 10 am/Friday at 11 pm

3. Ocean Fast Ferries

? Dumaguete ? Cebu via Tagbilaran route: Daily 7:30 am & 2:20 pm

4. Aboitiz Transport System

? N/A



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