Just another big city, only dirtier

by Clark
(Cebu City)

The people have been corralled up into places called squatters areas, these people own no land and are allowed to live so close like sardines in a can, the dreams of success in most cities are lies like the city of broken dreams in Los Angeles.

Cebu City has just women for the foreigner and you have to watch them like hawks, most of the women are non traditional, modern materialistic and very superficial.

But of course you will find an occasional diamond and they are the most valued, so innocent that they don't know they are being used, I cannot recommend the Philippines, Oh I forgot the weather is nice.

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by: Ben

I think you are spot on.

No problem. Just what the doctor ordered.
by: Anonymous

Hey Clark,

My nickel's worth of free...


Personally, I'd like to go back for the "superficials". Don't want to buy the cow when I can get the milk for just a few (I know it will be more than that) dollars american.

I was there and had pre-planned meeting up w/a female from the northern tip of Cebu who happened to be staying w/her grandparents in the city (Mabolo) just a mile or so from my hotel, the Waterfront Casino.

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