In my suitcase can I bring prepackaged food manila

I am coming into the Phillippines to visit opur daughter in the Peace Corps and I would like to bring her some prepackaged food from the United States.

What is alowed in through coustums?

I want to bring cookies and dried soups and dried meals and shampoo and lotions and other hygine body products.

What will I be alowed to bring in?

Thank you.

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by: Paul

I just read your not allowed to bring in coffee in a can ? Anyone know if you can bring in packaged foods ?

pre packaged foods
by: Anonymous

i need to know if i can bring pre-packaged pepperonir, about 2 lbs

prepackaged food to the philippines
by: Brett

Prepackaged food is not subjected to any regulations by Customs as long as they are in reasonable quantities as in for personal consumption.

As for personal hygiene products, again you need to ensure that you can prove to Customs that they are for personal usage. If you are bringing in shampoo by the suitcase, definitely you will have difficulties explaining to the Philippines Customs officials that it is for personal use.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Bureau of Customs at their website at:


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