I Found A Wonderful Filipina Woman

I met Mira on Filipina Cupid 5 1/2 years ago.

I was struck by her physical beauty (naturally) and started to chat her up. I was recovering from a broken relationship, same as her. I was 57, she was 41 when we met, (a little bit of a spread in age but it seemed acceptable to her).

We both have families, so proceeded slowly, with caution. We found a lot in common - which is strange, I am from Canada, never having been off the continent, not really too adventurous - I guess when life goes south, you start to look at other options.

I didn't talk to my family about our relationship for about 6 months. I sent gifts to her - over time, we kept growing closer; there was a point that it changed from a friendship to a romantic relationship - as much as that is possible when half a world apart.

About 16 months after first meeting, I visited her in Manila - stayed for 2 1/2 weeks. We spent lots of time together, I met some of her family, then headed home, sadder but encouraged - she was more than I dreamed possible.

Don't get me wrong - she is a woman of varying shades of temper, with a passionate nature, loves to laugh, loves to serve, loves to be taken care of and pampered....And so we kept at it for 3 years - mostly on Yahoo and Skype - then I went back.

Next step is to bring her here to Canada to meet my family - and then - it looks like marriage is in the works. So I would say it is successful.

One word to the wise - never take anything for granted! Always find out that what is said is understood correctly - save more than a few arguments! Good luck:)

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Soon to be an ex-pat
by: Jim

I appreciate the comments on my post.
Just an update, Myra and I are still together, I've been back twice since the second visit, so we've been at this for 7 years now. We are still planning to marry and she is more wonderful than I first thought. One of my best friends wants to go to the Philippines with me - see if he can find someone as fine as I have found.
I understand the cautions; we have not been without conflicts, but through it all, there is an underlying love that seems to win out in the end. Best of luck to all of us!

by: CtrylwyrAnonymous

I am pleased that another "Cano" has found a good woman in the Phillipines. I met my Filipina wife in Dubai almost 3 years ago. We are now married and living happily in Virginia, USA.

A nickel's worth of free advice
by: Anonymous

When visiting the "Phils", always keep BOTH hands in your pockets (assuming that's where you have your valuables) and sleep w/1 eye open; or perhaps 2 if in Manila.

Been there and done that. You're better off looking elsewhere for a partner. ANY country that has such extensive laws for allowing their people to leave for distant lands and require (expensive) paperwork (as well as corrupt individuals who will RUSH it thru for some "AMERICAN dollars) is not the place to "shop".

Better off being single. As most people who like milk will tell you, buy the milk, not the cow.

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