i cant forget manila pavillion

by leslie
(taytay rizal)

Yes I had a great experience in the Manila Pavilion.

We stayed for four days with my boyfriend jimmy remedeo from Australia. I really liked the breakfast, it was great and tasted good too.

hahaha first time q nga un e and e2 pa i saw bandolf pa wahahaha i am like crazy when i saw him kc im so confused i ask my self bkit d xa pinapansin hahaha ala lang
un lang bsta i love manila pavilion, we will come again this 7th of dec. thats why i am so excited... aun lang


Hi Leslie,

Yes the Manila Pavilion is a real nice hotel. It probably needs a little bit of an upgrade or maybe just a bit of TLC, but then we all do don’t we!

It is still affordable and is good value for money.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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