Honey Trap Indeed

by Pinay Lover

Being of Western decent I grew up with a basic Western background. Grew up with a brother, 2 parent household and lived a regular borderline middle class life.

I was used to women here, who carried similar interests as me, were intellectual and knew basic life skills to live a comfortable life.

There were many faults with Western women though, as I found out through time. I saw many of my past friends and aquantances getting suckered into a manipulating women.

Through witnessing this, I never liked long term relationships. Maybe my childhood of seeing my father whipped like a dog by my mother, triggered something in me to stay weary of women and choose wisely.

Well I had my share of different girls through my late teens and twenties. Much of them short lasting flings - and I was generally fine with that, since I felt my market value was not high nor did I have many resources or direct goals. Fair enough right?

So eventually I did become more responsible, holding 2 decent paying jobs and living on my own, with my car and all the things I needed. For a guy in his mid 20's, living like this in the mid 2000's - I couldn't complain. Many were neck high in debt/tuition and living with their parents.

I was debt free, had a good job, car and place to live. My market value was pretty good for someone of my generation. Since I was busy all the time working, I had little to no time to search for women, nor did I really have any friends during that time except maybe a couple. So I had to resort to Dating Online.

Since I was raised in a old fashion type household, I always lusted a motherly type with old traditions, serving the man and treating the man as the caretaker, while the man tried to provide. Well, since the Philippines is one of those countries that still carries much of the patriarchy type of society, it felt natural and desirable talking to Filipino's. I met one from another town, but living in the same province as I. I had no idea about the Philippines back then. completely clueless, but I did like the feeling and connection I had with the first Filipino I talked to on the phone.

She was quiet, reserved and shy. Little did I know all the luggage these women come with. Long story short, I slowly found out the role many of them play. They desperately try and find Off Shore work in a Western country, often find a job as a Nanny, and basically live as a slave, raising a Western families kid, and sending all their labor is worth, back home to the PI. Not only that, but they spend hoards of money on shit they can't really afford. Purses and shoes is top priority for these women, along with the best cell phone and plan.

Many of them are so dumb with math and money, they will work a fast food job and pay arm and leg for a brand new SUV! lol. The majority of them make these dumb mistakes here in the West. I would say I've witnessed at least 60% of them making shit life decisions. What does this end up doing to YOU IF YOU GET INVOLVED WITH THEM?!?!?!?!? They will deny, point fingers and sink you into their stupidity until you lay out the math for them and simple logic to hopefully change their view.

Anyways, I'm going off track here. I met this girl through internet, I ended up going to her town and meeting her and I wanted to settle down, but realized she had a much LARGER duty to her family back at home and the only freedom she realistically had, was being a Nanny, and sending money back home. THAT'S IT!!!

So, that should have warned me enough to be weary of these folk. Nope, men think with their dicks.

Met another Filipina about 3 years later. I actually ended up moving to this town where the girl I originally met, lived. I thought maybe she would eventually get more freedom and my dream of being together with her would come, but it never came to light.

I met several different women during this time in the new town, hoping I'd find a Western women, but many I simply didn't feel a connection with, until I found my current partner - another Filipino!

So I had the warning signs from the first Filipino. They have no freedom and they are a financial resource for the family back home. I never really knew how much and how long this goes on, until I met my current partner. What drew me to her? Well, she wasn't a nanny, lived on her own and had a good amount of freedom. Just what I wanted!

She lived in a house with other Filipino's. The other thing I learned about many Filipino's is that they are gold diggers and don't care about anything other than money and resources. So my Spidey senses were high and I was being careful. Well, what I learned from her is that she had a chance with a very wealthy guy. His family owned many apartments/condos and he would have been a MASSIVE resource for her and the family back in the PI. She wasn't interested in that (or so she says). Was it rejection from her or was this guy the one who rejected her? That I'll never really know.

Anyhow, that made me feel she wasn't after money since she had a chance with this guy, but didn't like him. So she ended up with me, the average guy with an average salary. Being that I was in my 30's I was tired of fooling around. I had loads of flings and fun, but it was becoming unfulfilling and my old traditional background was lingering.

I was also getting very lonely and depressed. I liked being alone, free and strong willed in my 20's, but in my 30's I did feel the yearning to be a family guy. As I mentioned before, I saw great potential for that old traditional life style with a Filipino since they still hold much of those values.

Ok, back to my point. Luggage and depleting your resources! We are together for about 2 years, we move to another city and province. This cost money and we were poor as fuck. One thing that I regret to this day, was not looking into their motives and family background, because basically all of them are loyal to one one thing and one thing only - themselves and their family. Everything else is basically a sacrifice to them and that INCLUDES YOU!!!

I never knew their relatives or family. She would talk to them through SKYPE occasionally and sometimes through phone. Much of it was just private interactions without my knowledge. Something didn't totally sit right for me. I was usually always on top of anything suspicious but I didn't fully read into this until the obvious hit me.

So we are in this new city and we both land new jobs and we're basically just scraping by. I noticed her horrible spending habits, and would try to correct her but the Pinoy Pride would set in and it would just lead to an argument. Anyhow, she wants to have a kid and I'm like "what the fuck are you talking about, we're in a new city just making a start and poor and you want a kid?"

Well, one slipped past the goal and soon enough pregnant. That's when all the true colors of the FILIPINO DECEPTION came to light!!!!!!!!

Suddenly the family is demanding I sponsor the father! Oh yes, that's my introduction to them. Get the daughter pregnant, then talk to me and black mail me to take full responsibility of the family back at home!

My partner was caught in the middle of this and to this day she still has to deal with it. Being that these people are groomed from birth, onwards to serve the parents and be a good slave, she didn't see anything wrong with the black mail. Was totally in on it. What do I do though? I have a son on the way and I have to protect him. They were even demanding we send the kid there!!! Fucking scum bags.

Anyways, long story short, I didn't marry her, denied all ties with her family back at home and made every effort to defend my son and myself from these scum bags.

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