Holiday in the Philippines this August 2011

by Miss Dylan
(United Kingdom)

I have read some of your entries and find it quite helpful and informative.

I am a Filipina and yet it seems like you know better then my own country (assuming you're American, right?).

Don't know about the Filipina brides though, have heard it from somewhere years ago.

Anyway, I have been away from the Philippines for more than 2 years and I know it doesn't seem that long but it is to me. I must have forgotten how it is during rainy season and forgotten where and what I have been doing at these times over there.

I would love to go to Hundred Islands in Alaminos. I'm not sure if you have been there 'cause there's no entry here about it, however do you think it'll be stupid and crazy to go at this time of the season?

If so, where can you recommend places to visit at this time of the year? Cheers!


Hi Miss Dylan,

I’m glad you found the information helpful.

Anytime away from home always feels like a lifetime! Coming back home is always special.

I would not advise on going to Hundred Islands this month, due mainly to the heavy rain and it is typhoon season. Best keep away from the South China Sea as this is where most of the storms are coming from.

Cebu area should be fine; if I was to have a holiday at this time of year in the Philippines then that is where I would be heading. Have you been to Bantayan Island? It is just off the northern tip of Cebu and is beautiful.

I have still not completed my write up on it yet.

Enjoy your time back!


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