Hidalgo Street - The Photographers Market.

Hidalgo Street, Quiapo is not a shopping mall, but rather a Mecca for photography equipment.

Newly restored, Felix R. Hidalgo Street is a mix of knick-knack vendors, which cover legitimate business establishments mostly selling photography-related items.

Of course, as the same with other bargain shopping areas in the Philippines, cellphones and cellphone accessories are also sold here.

Hidalgo Street Quiapo

Nearby, many fortune tellers and street vendors offering herbal products surround the Quiapo Church.

Hidalgo Street is part of a large area in Quiapo where you can buy pirated movies, software and pornographic videos.

But for Filipino photographers, it has long been known that this is the place to buy equipment at, more often than not, lower than market prices.

An assortment of accessories from on-camera flashes, studio lights, bags, tripods, lenses, batteries, CDs, DVDs, actually anything photography-related can be found here.

Hidalgo Street Quiapo

How do you get to Hidalgo Street, Quiapo?

To get to Hidalgo Street, it’s best not to bring a car since the area has heavy traffic and not just vehicles it is crammed with people as well.

Coming from the south of Manila, you should take Roxas Boulevard northwards and head on until Intramuros. Then turn right opposite Manila Hotel until you’re on Taft Avenue. From there, you should turn to the rightmost lane which will lead you to Quiapo Bridge. As soon as the bridge ends, you should be on Hidalgo Street.

Coming from the north of Manila, you should take Quezon Avenue and head westwards. Just follow the road where it leads and stop before it crosses the Pasig River. You will find it on your right, next to a large church.

If this is too confusing, just ask anyone where Quiapo Church of the Black Nazarene or where Plaza Miranda is and when you get there, ask how to get to Hidalgo Street. It is very near the church.

Taxi drivers will know exactly where to take you.

There are other places of historic value to see within the vicinity of Hidalgo Street. Among them:

Basilica Minore of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church), Nakpil-Bautista House (A. Bautista formerly Barbosa), home of Julio Nakpil, musical composer of the Katipunan and Gregoria de Jesus, organizer of the women's corps of the Katipunan.

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