Hello where to get started in the Philippines

by Kelly
(Pensacola Florida)

I am a disabled Veteran- I hear I can live well off of my $2000 a month pension.

I have been to asia (hong kong, japan, korea) but never P.I.

I hear its famous for cost of living- simple comfortable-has a va clinic.

I need to know where to get started:

Inexpensive place to stay with air and a nice bath-safe.

I am just winging it and showing up in 2-3 weeks trying to find a cheap ticket

I have been around the world and know to ask questions and stay away from tourist traps.

Can you recommend a start point?
Weekly/monthly rental?
Tips and tricks?

I hear the ladies are sweet and beautiful.

Where do the americans hangout?

Best places to live and visit?

I hear I can just get a return ticket for 3 months down the road and worry about visa when I get there?

My passport is good for 21 days?

Is there a place to go that would be a great monthly rental where i can go to the beach but also nightlife and travel around?

Or would weekly be better?

What to watch out for?

Lots of questions hope you can help....

Kelly USN/Ret

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