Greenbelt Shopping Mall

If there’s one factor that affects most of us when it comes to our shopping mall experience, it would be an over-crowded mall.

Luckily Greenbelt Shopping Mall, does not fit with this experience.

With other Shopping Malls you have to deal with a multitude of shoppers, strolling around becomes a pain and leisurely shopping becomes a far-off dream. Its nothing new to have someone bump into you without saying a quick “sorry,” or an “excuse me.”

It’s no surprise as well that some guys prefer to sit in coffee shops while waiting for their dear ladies to finish their shopping, it’s stressful enough to maneuver your way to your favorite shops, but it can end up more frustrating when you’re just tagging along. It becomes even less appealing come sale season.

Greenbelt Shopping Mall Fountain

What is good about the Greenbelt Shopping Mall?

In the Metro, there are a few malls that allow shoppers the leisurely shopping environment they crave for, like that of a cool walk in the park. Of the few that fits the bill, Greenbelt Shopping Mall is definitely one of them.

Spacious and impeccably fresh with a mix of al fresco corridors and air-conditioned halls. The mall is subdivided into Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4 and an upcoming Greenbelt 5.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of buildings though, as opposed to having to maneuver yourself through a gigantic mall, Greenbelt has been smartly designed so that you can stroll seamlessly from one building to the other, with convenient directories for you to find which specific store you’re looking for.

Greenbelt Shopping Mall Outdoor Dining

The different buildings also carry different varieties of shops.

For bargains and a more budget friendly shopping, you should try Greenbelt 1, with its stalls of local retailers and food choices as well as a Rustan’s supermarket.

Greenbelt 2 is a mix of restaurants, perfect if you want to grab a quick bite to eat.

For the young and fashionable crowd there’s Greenbelt 3 with its choice of coffee shops, fashion-forward boutiques, movie theatres and a well-known nightlife. Greenbelt 3 has been one of the hot spots for those who live for the night life. It also has its diverse selection of restaurants, with a mix of local and international cuisine.

While Greenbelt 4 provides high-end fashion, catering to those who love their LV or Ferragamo.

Greenbelt Shopping Malls Cinemas

With Greenbelt 3 and 4, shopping is more on the splurge side, this is definitely a place to go if you want to treat yourself luxuriously.

As for the up and coming Greenbelt 5, we are all eagerly waiting in excitement as to what it has to offer to the Greenbelt shopping experience. If there’s one thing we can expect, it will be another sight to behold.

Greenbelt provides the Metro shoppers with an architecturally stunning place to dine shop or just stroll around. This is a place where shopping really does feel like a walk in the park, with its landscaping and fountain areas, it truly is a shopping experience.

Where is the Greenbelt Shopping Mall?

The Greenbelt Shopping Complex is located in the heart of the Makati business area and is accessible via Edsa Avenue, exit Ayala Avenue.

If you’re too tired to drive, you can take the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) to the Ayala station, or other forms of public transportation that conveniently places Ayala on its route.

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