Glorietta Shopping Mall

There is something blissful about shopping malls and the Glorietta Shopping Mall is no different.

The idea that everything you need falling under one roof is fantastic and convenient. Sure, not all shopping malls are designed the same. These days’ shopping malls not only vary in size but even shape. It is just a matter of which shopping mall fits your lifestyle.

In today’s cosmopolitan society, shopping has become somewhat of an art form of lifestyle.

It is not just about purchasing what you need and then heading home. Nowadays, malls are the venues for you to shop, dine, catch a movie, or even do a little bit of grocery shopping for the home.

You want to go to the mall that not only caters your needs, but also your heart’s desires.

What is good about the Glorietta Shopping Mall?

Glorietta Shopping Mall is one of the larger shopping malls in the country, it attracts shoppers for its large selection of clothing, dining, home furnishings and electronics.

There is something for the whole family. Glorietta has become a place for international retailers, local fashion brands, hole-in-the-wall stores selling various fashion goods and quirky little stalls that sell items from chic candles to crystal hair accessories.

It is has also managed to mix high-end fashion with our well-loved flea markets. A fashionista will never leave wanting!

Glorietta Shopping Mall

Where is the Glorietta Shopping Mall?

Located along Ayala Avenue, Glorietta Shopping Mall is a walk away from the Makati business area and hotel district and has easy access from Edsa Avenue. Glorietta is one of the shopping malls frequented by almost everyone.

How do I get to the Glorietta Shopping Mall?

Getting to the Glorietta Shopping Mall, is easy, just take the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and stop at the Ayala Station.

There is an entire station of buses and taxis that conveniently take you from the Glorietta to just about all the various areas in Metro Manila, some even as far as the outlying provinces of Laguna in the south or Bulacan in the north.

Glorietta Shopping Mall

What sort of shops are in the Glorietta Shopping Mall?

If you want to satisfy your palate, Glorietta will not disappoint.

The hardest thing you need to do is select which cuisine to dine on or for the picky eaters whether they wish to dine on a bowl or soup or a caramel apple – there’s always a meal waiting for everyone. There are restaurants within the mall as well as outdoors.

A good restaurant to try in Glorietta Shopping Mall is the Soup Kitchen, with homemade soups like chili or clam chowder and deli fresh breads and sandwiches.

There are also budget friendly options, you can go to the food court, with a handful of choices to choose from.

Apart from shopping and dining, you can go to the Glorietta Shopping Mall’s central area and find out what the weekly attractions are and they can range from concerts, to exhibits, which entertain you, it is an added bonus, you end up more than just shopping and dining, you get entertained as well.

Kids can run around freely at the indoor playground while their parents and companions can sit and relax around the fountain beside it.

Glorietta is definitely a place where there’s something for everyone.

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