foreign currency to declare on custom in Manila Airport


I am getting confused because when i go to another Philippine custom website, they give differing information.

What is exactly the right amount of money allowable to enter the Philippines? Is it US dollar 3,000 or US dollar 10,000?

Your website is $3000 and this website, also same with yours.

But this website>>> says its $10,000.

Please help us with this information.

How about if you are traveling in Australian money? how much? if in Japanese yen, how much?

Please help us with this information.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Thank you.

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Currency control in the Philoppines
by: Anonymous

I have just returned from a two week stay in the Philippines where you had to declare if you had more than PHP 10,000.00. They wanted to confiscate my excess. For me, PHP10,000.00 seems a ridiculously small amount. The amount I was carrying was actually the smallest amount my bank would allow me to have. It's all very confusing and as the first time I encountered this measure was when asked to complete the declaration on the plane not much chance of doing much about it. When talking to seasoned travelers I discovered they all ignored it but it all seems such a strange way to protect a currency

declaring currency at airports
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't mind declaring my money in any airport, except the Philippines, don't ask why, you know the answer already.

US$ to declare at NAIA
by: Brett


According to the Press Release issued by Central Bank of the Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) below:

"BSP's Regulation on the Foreign Currency Declaration Requirement

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) wishes to clarify to the public that the written declaration requirement by BSP from travelers bringing in or out of the Philippines foreign currency in excess of US$10,000 which has been in effect since February 1, 2002, is not meant to prohibit or restrict the amount of foreign currency that may be brought in or out of the Philippines.

The requirement is aimed at monitoring the transport of sizeable amounts of foreign currency as part of the initiatives taken by the BSP to assist in the government?s efforts to curb money laundering activities in the country.
The bringing in or out of the country of foreign currency, regardless of amount, continues to be allowed under BSP rules. Furthermore, the Foreign Currency Declaration requirement covers only legal tender foreign currency banknotes and coins, thus it does not cover travelers checks which need not be declared.

This clarification is issued by the BSP to correct the misconception in some sectors that the BSP has effectively re-imposed foreign currency controls.

This means that there are no currency restrictions, just the need to declare the amount that you are carrying."

But having said that, it's never a good idea to carry a lot of cash when travelling to the Philippines.

Just channel large amounts through a bank.

Hope this helps.


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