First Boracay Introduction overnight

by Mark

My girlfriend and I stayed at Boat Station 2 at Nigi Nigi in the off-season.

There was a typhoon off-shore, the surf was up and sand blasting all along the beautiful beach. A local invited us to rent his boat and services as a captain for a snorkeling trip to Crocodile Island...on the other side from the wind.

What a wonderful experience, sun, no wind and amazingly cheap. Nigi Nigi had the traditional decor and charm of bamboo. The food was good and service excellent.

Say HI to Jorey if you go.

Comment from Brett:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Boat station 2 has some hidden gems when it comes to accommodation and it sounds like you found one!

I’m glad you were still able to enjoy yourself on this beautiful island even though the weather was not behaving itself.

I have scuba dived Crocodile Island, not during a typhoon though. The water around the island is beautiful; it is a great spot to snorkel or scuba dive.

Thanks for sharing your Boracay experience with us.


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