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Going to the third article review of Filipino dating sites that are worth your time and money, we turn to the ultimate niche site:, a site for making friends that is strictly in Pilipino or, as the natives would have it, Tagalog.

Obviously, only locals, Filipinos living abroad, second-generation Fil-Americans or Americans who have had to learn the language for academic, career and business purposes can possibly navigate the language.

Certainly, seven in eight Filipina ladies are educated enough to carry on a casual conversation in English. But the chance to connect with over 335,000 members who are really more comfortable in the Tagalog they use from day to day means men fluent in Filipino pretty much have the field all to themselves.

Of course I’m pretty conversant in Pilipino, a fringe benefit of a consular posting to Manila beginning in the mid-1990s, right after we had to close down Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base. The linguistically-challenged, however, can take heart and click on the “English” button on the upper right.

Two reasons this Filipino dating community made it to my short list are quite simply steadiness and stark simplicity.

This Filipino friendship site has been around a dozen-odd years now, which means the great good friends you make are not likely to drop out of sight any time soon.

Now I’m no Web site artist, just a bloke that likes things easy to look over and find. So I’m delighted by the approach the folks at FilipinoFriendFinder, have taken. Other than the requisite sample head shots, the only other graphic is of a White (okay, could be Hispanic or even a Filipino “mestizo”) bussing a delighted Filipina. Says it all, don’t youagree?

Knowing that lonely hearts everywhere are mostly interested in just three things, the site draws your attention to three big navigation buttons right under the main visual.

Take your pick. Want to strike up a friendship? Are you looking for a charming date? Or, having come to terms with the dreaded “C” word, take the plunge and press the “Romance” button.

There’s more, of course, if you want to hang out a bit, swap ideas about Filipino dating experiences in forums, make your very own blog, check out the videos of the more adventurous members, upload your own, join polls (or make one like the frontrunner “Presidential sex appeal”) and browse a magazine of articles contributed by members.

Of course you have to register to begin to take advantage of all this. But it couldn’t be easier: no more than the usual contact details, birth date, the level of relationships you want to engage in, choose a username, a locality where you want to play the field, drop a line about yourself and you’re in!

As in the more discreet dating sites, you can even choose to stay mum about your physique, marital status, ethnicity, religion and educational attainment.

As a newly-minted Filipino Friend Finder, you can now proceed to browse the galleries of ladies and upload the great American male picture to your profile. What can be easier than that?

Take a while to bask in the attention you get even for a Standard account before contemplating an upgrade to Gold membership that will let you zoom to the very top of search results, get first dibs on contacting new members or have full access to all the site features. The price can seem steep but who said love was ever cheap?

So why not hook up with the quintessentially charming and uncomplicated Filipina ladies at FilipinoFriendFinder.comsoon as you can?

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