Connecting With Filipina Women

Filipina women

If you are convinced by now that you cannot ignore all the good things you have been hearing about Filipina women, trust me, it is all true.

So how then do you yourself hook up with Filipina women who might be the delightful surprise of your life?

By now, making friends online is nothing new to guys who cut their teeth in BBS’s, forums and e-groups back in the late 80s and early 90s. Meeting pals who shared your hobbies and teen angst back then helped pass many a solitary evening.

How do I meet Filipina Women?

Now it’s a whole new ballgame and you want to hook up and date just like the most successful of your Gen X buds. And no matter how full your date book is with the local singles scene, you gotta wonder if you’re missing something.

Even widowers and newly-divorced folks are active online. An uncle of mine, twice-divorced, is carrying on an online affair with two Filipina women no less! How to get a piece of the action?

Many guys have trolled the social networking scene since high school and college. This is always a reasonable place to start. But not too many Filipina women frequent MySpace and FaceBook; they flock to Friendster, Multiply and Yahoo e-groups instead. Just like Google’s Orkut never caught on locally but is a hit in Brazil.

Online Social Sites

The nice thing about the social sites is that Filipina women are inveterate joiners and they get a kick out of a guy introducing himself after stumbling upon their photo and profile.

You have to be able to stand all the unsolicited wisecracks from other friends, though. And just like any “comment” or terms of endearment you post for the lady you fancy, everything is displayed publicly. You can be squirming and red-faced in no time at all.

Some earnest-seeming dating sites can set you up for disappointment, at the very least, or heartache when you have already invested a good bit of yourself. What to do about a lady you met just last month who swears she has fallen hard for you and can you please send money for a plane ticket, passport and K-1 visa processing? The short answer: resist the temptation. Even granting your prospective Filipina bride is sincere, there’s many a slip (and months, even years, of waiting) between sending money and seeing your fiancée come off the plane into your eager embrace.

Resist the temptation

As for sob stories about ailing parents needing an operation, that’s really all they are. No self-respecting Filipino family would countenance begging for help from an outsider if they can help it.

Their former Spaniard masters called it “delicadeza”. Really Net-savvy folks know right away when their friendship and online intimacy is being abused, just like in real life.

To find genuine, true-blue marriage-minded Filipina students and professionals, you could do worse than check out the online dating scene in pay sites like

  • Cebuanas is a dating site where Filipinos can meet foreign men.

  • Filipina Heart is another great Filipina dating and personals site for single Filipina men and women seeking dating, love and friendship.

  • FilipinoFriendFinder has close to 400,000 members, got to be a match in there, surely.

  • The Webmasters stress that they vet all those applying for memberships, whether local guys or the Filipina women overseas. From time to time, as well, moderators “eavesdrop” on conversations, looking to catch scammers and shady characters.

    To those looking for sincere Filipina women, such sites look like good, safe places to start.

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