Filipina Pen Pal Tips and Tricks

Filipina Pen Pal

At last count, there were over 15,000 sites on the Net that offered to hook up lonely American men with marriage-minded Filipina pen pals.

Here are eight tips to finding happiness and saving money on Filipina dating sites:

  • 1. Show me the numbers – You need a vast membership, preferably in the hundreds of thousands and even exceeding a million.

    Why? Because there is no accounting for personal taste. You might delight in dusky skin, but a Filipina pen pal blushing through café au lait skin is what gets others through the night. Go figure. And let’s face it, you’re bucking great odds looking for friendship and love online.

    The more alluring members you can look over and connect with, the greater your chances of eventually enjoying real human contact. Besides, a greater number of members amounts to a solid endorsement that the Web master is doing right by those who sign up.

  • 2. A picture is worth a thousand words – in the target member’s profile. After all, none of us can ever hope to match the Bard’s mastery of lyrical and evocative language.

    No matter how we rhapsodize about our favorite subject, ourselves, men and women who want to be our friends have this irresistible urge to know what we look like.

    A superbly-run site should mandate pictures in every member profile. Looking at a profile with no picture is vaguely disappointing when we want to strike up a friendship with a Filipina pen pal. Maybe they have something to hide?

  • 3. Free trial – Ah, that most attractive of all come-on’s!

    But seriously, we have to be able to take advantage of free registration and initially restricted membership so we can browse the site, see if we immediately get some feelers from the ladies and anticipate the delights of full membership.

  • 4. Reasonable fees – Since we’re all grown-ups here and we know the Filipina pen pal site has got to pay its own way, we pay the price of entry for being able to initiate contact, keep in touch via IM and Blackberry email even when away from our desks and let’s not forget about ranking higher when the ladies turn the tables and shortlist us guys.

    Stay away, however, from absurdly high fees that Filipina pen pal and dating sites try to gouge you with. About a month’s worth of VoIP subscription fees seems par for the course.

  • 5. Security – No, this is not about your credit card details.

    It is about privacy.

    Many Filipina pen pals want to be just that, online friends, free to flirt outrageously and avoid commitment. So, yes, you can swap notes freely via IM or email that Filipina pen pal hottie day and night.

    But a secure site will never, ever publish home and mobile phone numbers.

  • 6. The “proof of the pudding” – Once you upgrade to paid or premium members, marriage-minded Romeos ought to be able to view videos of their cherished Filipina pen pals and chat them up via Webcam on the site.

    God knows you don’t want to hook up with some cross-dressing gay; a Web cam will give away a voice deeper than Pavarotti’s.

  • 7. Real Filipinas – Too many Asian sites try to pass off their featured women as Filipinas.

    Don’t be fooled by entire galleries of uniformly pale complexions, slanted eyes and black hair. Filipina pen pals are the beautiful fruit of their country having been a melting pot for centuries. So you’ll see a whole spectrum of pale to dusky skin, round and sloe eyes, hair styles and colors to suit every taste (except Nordic blonde, that’s strictly for bar girls), and near-perfect English, albeit with a lilting accent.

    The truth is, many resemble Latinas and Puerto Ricans more than their Asian sisters.

  • 8. Exhaustive compatibility screeners – In the end, you take the time and maintain your membership because you are serious about reaching out for friends online.

    And who knows what more might come of this pleasant diversion? So it is good to encounter Filipina pen pal sites that ask you for tons of personal information.

    The effort of wading through pages and pages of long forms pays off in two ways.

    First, turnabout is fair play: you use the same criteria to screen would-be friends.

    Second, eager Filipina pen pals will know where you stand on the things that matter to them. So basically, you benefit by getting a slew of like-minded ladies looking to meet you.
In three-odd years of casting around the Net for Filipina pen pals, I have found just a handful that meet at least seven of these eight essentials. Among those Ilike better than most are

  • Cebuanas is a dating site where Filipinos can meet foreign men.

  • Filipina Heart is another great Filipina dating and personals site for single Filipina men and women seeking dating, love and friendship.

  • FilipinoFriendFinder has close to 400,000 members, got to be a match in there, surely.

  • But go see for yourself, why don’t you?

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