The Mystique of Filipina Ladies

To anyone in the know, there is something intriguing about the fact that Filipina ladies rank second among all those setting foot on U.S. shores to marry a local.

What is it about the Filipino people that make them such an endearing source of wonderful companions?

For thousands of discerning American men, tradition is a huge reason for casting a marrying eye toward this small archipelago in East Asia that is the Philippines.

Like their sisters in every other paternalistic culture around East Asia, Filipina ladies remain steeped in the ethos of submissiveness to the men in their lives.

Husbands may follow their careers and move the family anywhere with nary a need to ask their wives.

Boyfriends are very demanding to the point of controlling how the day should go for Filipina ladies.

Fathers “know better” about money and career while brothers weigh in with their taste in choice of boyfriends.

Catholic priests lay down the law on abortion and ivorce.

Always Eager to Please

Filipina ladies are eager to please and they are relentlessly trained, at home and in school, to do so in every way that matters to you.

Family-oriented like no other, they will ingratiate themselves with your parents and embrace as their own any children of yours from a prior marriage. Filipina ladies are painstaking about keeping a clean, cozy home though they will leave you to do as you like in the yard, tinker in the garage or keep things just so in the den.

What about personal hygiene?

Did I say that Filipinas are as fastidious as we are about showers and body hair?

Cultural Clashes

You need not fear culture clash.

After the foremost Anglo countries – Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the Philippines is the easiest to build bridges with. Remember, America colonized the country for five decades and pretty much kept a hand in for the rest of the 20th century. A succession of able governors-general imprinted U.S.-style government, education, health care and yes, an avid taste for American consumer goods on these amiable “brown Americans.”

You can bet almost any city-bred Filipina lady will recognize half the brands on the shelves the very first time you two hit a Wal-Mart, A & P or Kmart.

So the Filipina lady will adapt very well, including stocking the fridge so they can hand you your cold beer or martini when you stagger home after a pressure-cooker day at work. By the time you have unwound, dinner will likely be a succession of your favorite meals. And no nonsense either about putting raw squid, sautéed frog’s legs or barbecued monitor lizard on the table if adventurous eating is simply not you.

Filipina ladies look good on your arm, whether they dress down in yesterday’s acid-wash Levi’s jeans and jacket, in blinding neon from Topshop and H&M, or a slinky, strong-shouldered Pierre Balmain number for the office Christmas party. Petite to medium height, they move with innate grace and radiance.

Will they fit in with your lifestyle?

The best, most intelligent of Filipina ladies have married American and Australian billionaires, as well as a world-famous balladeer.

Two became presidents of the Philippines.

One ran a publicly-listed conglomerate based in New York on her husband’s death. Still others became chairpersons or directors of UN agencies.

But make no mistake about it, the Filipina lady will put being the hearth of the family and anchor of your life ahead of career.

Short of flying across the Pacific to begin checking out the possibilities, why not indulge your wandering eye by surfing matchmaker sites where marriage-minded and professional Filipina ladies show you just how nice a trans-Pacific love affair can be:

Cebuanas is a dating site where Filipinos can meet foreign men.

Filipina Heart is another great Filipina dating and personals site for single Filipina men and women seeking dating, love and friendship.

No scams here, just trustworthy advice and the splendor of the most Westernized lovelies the Orient has to offer.

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