ferry from San Jose to Coron

by yael

My name is Yael and I want to know if there is a ferry from San Jose in Mindoro to Coron and if there is how can I contact with them and get more details?

If there Isn't, what is the best way to go from Mindoro to Coron?

Thank you

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San jose to coron
by: Butch

How long does it last to travel by ferry from san jose to coron and how much does it cost.is it safe to ride this ferry?

just asking
by: diane caringal

Can I asked if there is a trip from San Jose occidental Mindoro to coron Palawan. please inform me thank you .

From Coron to El Nido
by: Milou

I just did the 8 hours boattrip from Coron to El Nido. First of all in high season there are boats going to El Nido EVERYDAY. But not every company makes the trip daily. In lowseason I won't recommend to go oversea since the sea can get really rough. The most important thing is that before you buy a ticket, you see (a picture of) the boat. That can make the difference if you're surviving the trip or not. Definetely NOT take a bangka. Bangkas aren't made for trips like this and are often old. We heard so many story's of bangkas which broke down or sunk. Also is a bangka open so you will get soaked from the high waves and sit on wooden benches for 8-11 hours. Our boat pulled a bangka, which broke down, for 30 minutes and dumped it at the first island where there were people.

I took a ferry from the Island Commander company. On their facebookpage you can see pictures of the boat. You can buy tickets (1300 peso's) at guesthouses, travelagencies or at the seaport. This boat is much bigger, looks very new and is much safer. It isn't that comfortable though but you'll stay dry if you shotgun a spot on the upperdeck. They serve free drinkingwater, a simple lunch and there is a decent toilet (bring your own toiletpaper). Don't rely on their supplies though. Definetely bring your own big water and snacks. They also provide quite new looking lifvests. If you get sick on boats often, I advise you to take a seasicknesspill. You can buy them at every drug store in Coron Town. There is a roof above the upperdeck but put some sunscreen on cause the windows are open.

I took this ferry at monday the 30th of March 2015. We had to be at the seaport at 7.30 but the boat left at 9.00. You have to pay a 20 peso's 'terminal fee'. Despite the waiting it was worth it because we could occupy a good spot. It took us 9 hours but it would be less if we didn't had to pull the bangka. From the seaport in El Nido you can walk to all the guesthouses and hotels. You don't have to take a tricycle but they are there if you would like one.

from San Jose to Coron
by: Anonymous

i will fly from Manila to San Jose .

can i take a boat from San jose to Coron ?

how many hours it will take?


Mindoro to Coron
by: Anonymous

We went from mindoro to coron last week of April 2012. We came from Pandan Island, Sablayan to Coron town, Palawan. We began the journey 6am in the morning and reached coron at lunchtime. The scenery was amazing, you see a lot of dolphins, a lot of flying fish and of course the beautiful islands and rock formations.

We were only 7 and boat cost 34,000php. This is a big boat that can accommodate 15 people with upper deck where you can sleep and hang out, and in the lower deck the dining area, kitchen, toilet, and a big room to place all your bags. Check out http://www.pandan.com/

If you want to save money, there is another option, which we might take next time if we don't have a child with us. It is with Kuya Landy, a boatman used by Pandan Resort whenever all their boats are booked and they need another boat. Kuya landy cellfon: 0921-357-5697

Best ferry to Coron
by: Brett

Hi Yael,

There is a boat that travels from San Jose, which is on the southwestern side of Mindoro, to Coron.

It's important to note, that the boat is not a passenger ferry and does not operate to any fixed schedule. The boat is generally carrying cargo but will carry passengers. It would have to be classed as unreliable at best.

There are no contact details or numbers for them, once you are in San Jose the best way to get in touch with them is via the coastguard.

Yael, I'm not sure where you will be on Mindoro, but my guess is you are probably staying at Peurto Galera, if that is the case your better off heading across to Batangas and getting a ferry to Coron from there....Brett

From Puerto Galera/San Jose to Coron
by: Milou

I just did the overland/oversea trip from Puerto Galera to Coron. First you have to go to Balatero pier in Puerto Galera and take the 1 hour boat trip to Abra de Illo. It's on the same island but there is no road so you have to go oversea. Take a tricycle or jeepney from the place you stay in Sabang or Puerto Galera. From Sabang it takes around 30 minutes. I was here the 24th of march 2015 and at the time there was only one boat a day to Abra de Illo departing at 10.30. Al the locals told me to be there early because there are limited tickets available. You can't buy them in advance. I was there at 8.30 but I couldn't buy tickets (200 peso's + 10 peso's 'terminal fee') till 9.30 and it wasn't that busy so being there 9.00-9.30 would be fine. Check the departure time with the locals or at JPLP 'tourist information' next to Vesuvio's italian restaurant in the 'center' of Sabang.

When you arrive at Abra de Illo there are 20 men screaming at you to take their bus. I took the green/white RORO bus, quite new with nice aircon. Buy tickets to San Jose (350 peso's). They say it takes 4 hours but it took me 5 hours. I think it depends on how many people they have to pick up/drop off on the way. After two hours they have a 15 minutes break. You can buy food, snacks and drinks there and there is a toilet. At the Balatero pier and Abra de Illo pier you can also buy snacks and drinks and there is a toilet there aswell. The trip to San Jose takes you through beautiful sceneries. The first 3 hours the road is in good condition. The last part is just stones with a lot of dust. When you arrive in San Jose take a tricycle to a guesthouse or hotel. I stayed at Sikatuna beach hotel which I definetely NOT recommend. There aren't much cheap options unfortuanetly.

The next day take a tricycle to the port of San Jose. Buy tickets (800 peso's + terminal fee 15 peso's). Across the street you can buy snacks. They don't sell anything on the boat so definetely take a big water and some snacks with you. At 11.45 all the passengers got rice with a small sausage. There is a toilet on the boat (bring your own toiletpaper). The boat to Coron doesn't leave every day so make sure you don't have to wait a day in San Jose like I had because there is nothing to do. See the picture below for the schedule. As far as I know Bunso is the only company who does this trip.

The boat doesn't have seats. You just sit on the upper deck. You can sit/sleep on the lifvests provided. It has shade but put some sunscreen on since you're on the sea for 6-7 hours. The roughness of the sea depends on the weather but definetely take a seasickness pill and bring throw up bags if you get sick often on boats. I bought the seasicknesspills at the little shop in Balatero pier, drug's stores in San Jose will probably have them aswell. My boat took 6,5 hours.

From Coron seaport take a tricycle to Coron Town (5 minutes, 10 peso's pp). There are many hotels and guesthouses. Cheap and recommended options are Coron Backpackers, Marleys Guesthouse, Krystal Lodge, Lagrosa Backpackers and Luis Bay Travellers Lodge.

If you are really on a budget and have enough time it's ok to do this trip but if you come from Manila it's worth the extra money to fly to Busuanga. If you come from Borocay take a boat to Roxas and from there the bus to San Jose. It's a really long trip, not really comfortable and all together not that cheap. Sometimes flying is even cheaper so check the sites of Cebu Pacific, Philppines Airlines, Tigerair enz.

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