Dont be a fool with the Girls in Angeles


My story starts 4 years ago as i was walking down feilds Ave, from Micky Dee's thats Mcdonalds, normally i would have nothing to do with the clubs but to the right of me she walked to me and smiled man she was a doll.

We talked and i went into her club, had a soda and her a ladies drink i stayed about 30 minutes and barfined her.

We went to SM Clark and saw a movie then to my Apartment nope no sex just wanted to get to know her she was very sweet and seemed not like most of the girls.

Next day i brought her back and said i wanted her. The mamasan said 50,000 i said ill pay her club bill and 10,000 or i go up the street to the PNP, she said deal.

We spent 4 years together we were Engaged and went all over the PI, i returned off and on to go to the VA Hospital for checkups i found out every time i left she cheated on me even had a guy in my bed the guard logged him in, busted!

But i forgave her first mistake, then on my last trip she got knocked up! Damn i found the test she forgot to trash it. What did i do? I stayed with her. Paid for all her Medical she had the baby 2 months after i flew back to the States. He was a handsome baby he has my name. But what happened? I came back here and she went back to work and found another guy, she said she loved him and dumped me i knew this from a friend of mine she doesn't know.

So i said i was closing the Apartment and to take her things. she freaked I'm a kind guy but that was to much, dumping me after 4 years and her son having my name well that cant be changed. t

They say once a bar girl always a bar girl and now this guy will support her as she said. i have lived in the PI many years and was stationed there in Clark during Nam, in the Army. Doing missions back and forth so i know very well how the girls support there families and all try to find a guy to be long time, you cant blame them most are dirt poor so that's the best way to meet guys and help there families.

She will get whats coming to her good or bad, if you want to find a sweet kind woman DON'T LOOK IN THE BARS i lasted 40 years till i got screwed. i found some of the sweetest women in the stalls and restaurants outside of the collages and nurses and Doctors in Hospitals they don't need your money. Just beware it's fun to play but don't get hooked GOOD LUCK.

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