Difficulty to depart from Manila.

by Ow

I've a friend who is coming from Manila on the 23rd. She is a Filipino. She is suppose to be here to participate in her cousins wedding, but she already has difficulty at the Manila airport!

She has 2-way tickets which are paid for including the terminal fee and taxes.

When she is in the immigration counter, she is asked for a 'authenticated invitation letter'. At that time, she has with her an 'invitation letter' and a copy of an 'identification card' of the person who invited her to Singapore.

She showed both of the papers to the FEMALE officier. But she rejected her. I don't understand what they mean by authenticated invitaion letter.

By dragging her at the counter, of course she missed her flight in the end. Then at that point of time, they asked her to purchase another ticket and she can go through. (What the hell is this immigration officer doing).

I've already had a very bad impression of Manila, because they are money-minded. All they want is money. The officer asked for 5,000 peso and my friend can go through.

IS this daylight robbery/bribery? Do they do this to all the tourists? Or just to Filipino?? Why do they do this to their own people? No wonder the country has no improvenment, with all this kind of dishonest people working at the immigration.

I've asked my friend to take down their names, and guess what? The officers hid their Name Tags!

What is the purpose of the name tag on their uniform? Do they have the right to hide their name ?

I hope someone can answer my query here..

(1) Why is there a need for the authenticated letter for tourist? Normal invitation letter won't do. If that's the case, then embassy will be filled with people. Does it apply to other Nationalities as well?

(2) Is the immigration officer allowed to cover their names to avoid people from seeing it? Then what's the purpose of wearing it in the first place?

(3) I have a feeling that they want money from the flight passengers, but why pick on Filipino?

Very disappointed, so sad to hear, not once, but a few times from some of my friends as well..

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Apr 22, 2011
I couldnt agree more!
by: Anonymous

My brother was supposed to be in Thailand tomorrow but the officer in Cebu didn't allow him.

I'm sure these officers know that the money we Filipinos use in going abroad is borrowed with 10 - 20% interest rates! They are heartless!

Bad karma be on you!!!

Nov 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

i don't think its correct, i agree with the comment that i've read JUST NOW...we have same issue here, the question is my friend invite her cousin (couple) without this authenticated invitation, i invited my fiancee, but my fiancee was rejected and my friend cousin was here for social visit? how can you explain such thing like this... you know this is really unfair... only different date of flight, but same scenario hence the outcome is also different, then my fiancee told me that some can go in. he really don't know why and how can be please... but still they don't have this kind of document....i hope things happen will never be happen to anyone of you... its disgusting ang really disappointing....FILIPINO PA MAN DIN KAYO....

Jul 05, 2010
Difficulty to depart
by: gary

I've seen that happen to filipinos in numerous countries.

My wife (filipina) and I were visiting Macau and thought we'd stay in Hong Kong for the weekend. Leaving Macau no problem, but once at Hong Kong customs, she was (and 12 other filipino) pulled out of line and questioned for 2 hours. She was about to be sent back on the ferry to Macau, when I (A Canadian)was allowed to speak to HK Customs...they finally granted a 48 hour pass.

Same issue in Canada. She was pulled into secondary customs and questioned, despite having the correct visit visa and paperwork. In the room were several other filipino.

She had the same problem visiting her brother in the USA. Despite having all of the correct documents, she was pulled into secondary customs and questioned for 4 HOURS! Only after they (USCIS) searched her bags, fingerprinted and verifed her "story" did they reluctantly allow her entry. And again, she was not the only Philippine National pulled out to be grilled.

I know there are valid reasons for customs to check visitors, but I have seen first hand, it happens far more often the Filipinos. Sad but a fact of life.

Jul 01, 2010
philippines custom officers
by: Brett

Hi Ow,

As for your queries:

(1) I think the need for authenticated invitation letters is to weed out those who are using fake invitation letters and to prevent human trafficking. There have been many cases of Filipinas exiting the country as a tourist and ended up working illegally in the host country as GROs or prostitutes willingly or unwillingly.

(2) I am unable to comment on the work ethics of the said immigration officer.

(3) Perhaps the reason why Filipinos are subjected to this kind of treatment is because the Filipinos have strict travel requirements to comply with for exiting the country.

Non Filipinos do not have the same requirements such as showing invitation letters in order to leave the country.


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