Dangerous snakes in the Philippines

by Helena
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I am so scared of snakes.

In the US we have some that are poisonous, yes, but a quick trip to the hospital and you are okay.

I read that the Philippine cobra is one of the world's most deadly, and also there is the King Cobra there. Are they on every island?

I want to be able to enjoy nature there without my little phobia controlling my agenda.

Are some islands without these creatures?

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No venomous snakes in Tagaytay area.
by: Jerry Lynch

There are some snakes in the Tagaytay area but none of the venomous types. The worst that will happen there is to be startled by a fruit eating monitor lizard. Some of them get to be almost 3 feet long but you are lucky if you ever see one.

Be aware
by: Anonymous

There are many places where you are as safe as possible, at least as long as you use your normal sense. But avoid places known for poisonous animals since a venomous bite of a cobra is like a death penalty.

Most affected areas are far from hospitals and hardly any common hospital has a specialist, plus have no antidote anyway. And a philippine cobra bite leaves only few minutes to live.

Still, there are many good places to enjoy fearless if generally you like philippine manners and characters. But please do not just look at the advertisements where all is blue sea, blue sky, white beaches and super friendly people. Reality is always different and everywhere is different from tourist ads.

Have a nice stay.

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