Cost of living in the Philippines

To me it seems a very simple question, but I am having a hard time finding an understandable answer.

I am thinking of coming to the Philippines to retire. I have a steady retirement income of around thirty-five hundred US dollars a month.

Would I be able to live comfortably on this income. Nothing fancy just a nice home and reasonable amenities.

Can you help in plain English.



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How Much is Enough?
by: Brett

Hi Sam,

Yes. You can live a very comfortable life in the Philippines with $3,500.

This income bracket puts you in the upper middle class range. If you are single, just for comparison purpose, house rental is around P10k per month in a nice neighborhood. Your food expenses will be around P10k (self catering and on the high side), a used car in good condition cost from P300k to P800k depending on the year and model. Utility bills will average around P5k to P7k (with air con).

As with anywhere, costs will vary depending on lifestyle chosen. But you should not have too many problems living on $3,500 a month. Do ensure you have money put aside for emergencies, especially medical emergencies.

Nevertheless, a word of caution, please read up on our articles on dating a filipina if you intend to get married to a local girl.


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