Cost of living in Manila region


I find your site really interesting and full of information, really usefull.

I have a question related to the cost of living in the Manila region. I plan to go work to Makati City, where i will receive at about 50 000 pesos a month ( which will be lowered by the tax, which is at about 30%, as far as i know, so let's say i will have 35 000 a month).

as far as i know, this is not a bad salary there, but how can it be, that based on the information i found here, i could not make my living there? should i be afraid? :)

because in the "cost of living" topic, these are the main cost:
- 15 000 rent
- 7000 utilities
- 3000 transpot
- 20 000 food ( is it right? it seems to be really much)
- 1000 water

so let's say 45 000. this is a normal amount of money, that a single person spends usually in manila region? i plan to live in taguig, cainta or taytay.

Thanks, i really appreciate your help,

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Living in the real Metro Manila
by: Mary R


I looked at the cost of living numbers you gave. I assume that's from Rusty's book (sorry I haven't read the book as I'm not an expat). I'm a local and so am offering my two cents worth to help you out and hope its not too late to help you plan.

The 35,000 pesos you expect to make can go a long way if you know where to live and can cook your own food. Rental can go as high as 25,000 a month for a decent condo but the 15,000 is realistic if you take the time to look around and expect a comfortable but not too classy place to live in. Taguig, Taytay and Cainta has lots of rentals that offer you a broad range of good, safe and decent living space. 20,000 for food is also realistic if you plan to eat out a lot with a large group. But if you cook your own meals and bring a pack lunch or brown bag when you go to work then you can expect to spend about 5,000 for your own meals. Eating out all the time with family and friends will cost you, wherever you live in the world.

Good luck and hope you enjoy living here in the Philippines.


Cost of Living
by: Anonymous

You need to find yourself somewhere else too stay. Paying over $335 for rent there is ridiculous. You're getting ripped off on everything. The average person making a year is like P60,000-P65,000 and you're making that like in a month. You can go a long way with 50,000 pesos. Budget you're money wisely. That amount can go a along way for a month. Good luck!!!

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