Corregidor Philippines - Island Tour

Corregidor Philippines

Situated just near the entrance to Manila bay, Corregidor Island has become one of the main historical and tourist attractions of Manila.

The island is dotted with artillery and mortar batteries that were used by the American and Filipino soldiers during the Second World War.

Any visitors to the island will not be disappointed with the many war torn ruins that make up the landscape of the island today.

The highest point of the island is where you will find the lighthouse which you can climb, from here you have a panoramic view of the island.

Apart from its rich historical attractions of war relics, the island is also endowed with a diversity of natural attractions like beaches and wildlife.

Corregidor Lighthouse

Even today, the island still continues to draw countless visitors both foreign and local alike. Most visitor to Corregidor Philippines generally reminisce the past and discover the significance the island played in the history of the Philippines islands.

Some of the highlights on Corregidor Island include:

  • Malinta Tunnel

  • Lighthouse

  • Middleside Barracks

  • President Manuel L. Quezon Park

  • General Douglas MacArthur Park

  • Japanese Garden of Peace Park

  • Mile-Long Barracks

  • Spanish Flagpole

  • Aviary and Theme Park

  • Army Hospital

  • Corregidor Island, Malinta Tunnel

    Tour of Corregidor Philippines

    The tour that I took of Corregidor started off from Manila by way of Sun Cruises air-conditioned ferry services slightly after 8am.

    The trip by ferry took around an hour. Generally the trip to the island was uneventful except for a few large waves that rocked the ferry.

    At the arrival at Corregidor’s North Dock, visitors were greeted by “Tramvias”, street cars fashioned in the style of the pre war era. The tour of the island is led by a tour guide who took the trouble to narrate historical stories behind each of the sites that were part of the guided tour.

    The guided tour covers pretty much all of the war torn ruins that were once the quarters, barracks and artillery batteries of this military bastion. Some of the ruins visited included Mile-long Barracks, Battery Way and the Battery Grubbs.

    Most of the stops took around 10 to 15 minutes. With so much to absorb in, it was difficult to assimilate everything that the guide was explaining. The final stop of the tour was to the famous Malinta Tunnel that was once the headquarters of General MacArthur.

    Corregidor - Tramvia

    There was also an audio visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Abellana that tried to relive the historical events that occurred with the tunnel as the centerpiece of the story.

    The latest addition to Corregidor Philippines list of monuments is the Filipino Heroes Memorial. This memorial was designed by Francisco Mañosa and is a 6,000 square meter structure that showcases 14 different murals that describe the battles waged by the heroes of the Filipino people from the 15th century until present day.

    There is also a statue of a Filipino soldier-farmer that is the work of the artist Manuel Casal. After the tour, visitors were permitted to unwind by the beach that is cooled by the refreshing sea breeze.

    The trip back to Manila departed around 3.30pm. Overall, it was an enlightening trip but it would had been great if the tour took longer and was not as fast paced so as to allow us to absorb everything about this enchanting island.

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