Consignment clothes Divisoria

by Inaks
(saudi arabia)


I'am working abroad and I'm sick and tired of being here and far from my family.

I am longing to have my own, little clothing store to live...

My question is, is there stores in Divisoria that gives consignment basis for clothing. You know, consignment basis would really help me in putting up a store in our province, I'm worried if clothes that didn't buy it would only be a waste of money for us.

Please help me.



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Your very kind
by: Anonymous

Thanks Brett... I appreciate your time to answer me. I will try your advise, and hopefully I could start my own... Inaks

Divisoria clothes
by: Brett

Hi Inaks,

I believe for you to get consignment from any stores, you will need to establish a rapport with them first.

I doubt there is any store willing to offer you consignment of their goods without them knowing you first.


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