cebu to boracay

by joe chin

I'm Joe, from Malaysia and I plan to travel to Cebu on 7th April and also to Boracay.

My question is how can I get from Cebu to Boracay? Is it best to fly, go by boat or coach?

How long will it take to get there?

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Island hopping in boracay
by: Jaymon

Hi, this is Jaymon from Cebu i'd like to go boracay may be next year but how the travel to get there?

reply to rudjack
by: metch

Take a ferry from Toledo Cebu to San Carlos City Negros then road trip to Bacolod. Upon reaching bacolod port take another ferry going to Iloilo City then from iloilo another long drive to Caticlan port. quartz

Iloilo to Boracay bus sched and fare
by: Phil J

Bus trips From Iloilo to Caticlan:

1. First trip is at 02:30 am. terminal is at
Tanza, Iloilo City. The terminal is quite safe.
If you want to take that trip stay in the
terminal while waiting for the bus. Dont wander
around. Outside is a different story.

I'm not so sure what time the next trip is... i
took a 4:30 trip though. Terminal is at Tagbak,
Jaro... Much safer ther with a 24 hr resto
inside. After that, its an hourly thing or so
if im not mistaken.. all from the Tagbak

2. Buses are ok. Bring an ipod and enjoy the

3. Roads are not very good for some part. There
are toilet and "buy snack" breaks

4. Fare is 350php or 8USD

5. Bus will take you straight to Caticlan port
where you take a ferry to Boracay. Ferry fair
is no more than 2USD. I dont remember exact
amount, although u have to pay ferminal fees
and some other fees. Not very expensive.

6. Total trip time from Iloilo City to Boracay
Island = 5-6 hrs

6. Soak up the sun and enjoy Boracay!

by: Anonymous

hi im barbie im from cebu i want to know how much cost by ferry going cebu to boracay`...or frist cebu to ilo-ilo and ilo-ilo to boracay thats right or not..thats a cheapes trip going to boracay...

Cebu to Boracay
by: Samcy

Cebu Pacific & Air Philippines have daily flights from Cebu to Caticlan or Ilo-ilo. The flight usually takes 45 minutes.

For the more adventurous people who enjoy traveling by sea, take a 14-hr boat ride. There are currently 2 shipping companies (Trans-Asia Lines & Cokaliong Lines) plying the route to Iloilo from Cebu. Time of Departure is usually at 6 PM. From Monday through Saturday.

From Ilo-ilo airport (if you did not take the direct flight to Caticlan) or pier, take a taxi to a Van-for-hire or bus (going to Caticlan) terminal. It may take 5 hrs or so depending on the stopovers that has to be done for long trips like this. The vans are air-conditioned but can be uncomfortable when there are too many passengers.

Anyway, request that you will be dropped at the Caticlan Jetty port. Lastly, take a boat to BORACAY!

My advise: If you plan to go to Boracay, go for the Cebu-Caticlan flight for a more convenient and stress-free travel.

help me
by: Anonymous

may i know the time schedule for the liners from iloilo to caticlan? is it possible to ride on it if i will be arriving at 3:30pm in iloilo international airport? if not, what would be the other choices i've got in order to go there by that time? tnx.. :)

i want information
by: luel

hi, im luel. is there a shipping from cebu to caticlan?

BORACAY from Bacolod
by: jhun

hi my name is jhun...last summer there were trips from bacolod to boracay but this july we're going to have a seminar there. now my,question is how can we get there by boat or/and by plane...thank you


Hi Jhun,

The information that you requested in on this article below:


how much are the fares?!!
by: Anonymous

How much is the bus fare from Iloilo to Caticlan?!! and the banca ride from caticlan to boracay?!! thank you! im planning to travel this june!


The bus fare from Iloilo to Caticlan is around 550 php (Air con bus).

As for the cost of the banca ride from Caticlan to Boracay, this will cost P89.50 per person. This includes the 20 php for the terminal fee, 19.50 php for the fare and 50 php for the environmental fee.


Travel to Boracay from Cebu
by: Brett

Hi Joe,

The quickest and easiest way to get from Cebu to Boracay is by plane. Caticlan is where you want to arrive as it is the stepping port to get onto Boracay.

The flight takes about an hour.

Seair (South East Asian Airlines) flies from Cebu to Caticlan airport, which is the closest airport to Boracay, at 1:15pm most days. Boracay itself does not have an airport for commercial travelers. Other airlines that fly to Boracay from Cebu include, Air Philippines, they also have daily flights to Caticlan leaving Cebu at 12:50pm.

Philippine Airlines also has daily flight to Caticlan airport from Cebu.

Make sure you do not get a flight to Kalibo. Kalibo is a good hour road travel from Boracay.

I do not know of any ferries that travel directly to Boracay. You can catch a ferry from Cebu to Iloilo and then get a bus from Iloilo to Caticlan. Both Trans-Asia Shipping and Cokaliong Shipping Lines have regular schedules from Cebu to Iloilo, the travel time is 12 hours.

Once in Iloilo you can catch a bus, either Ceres or GM Liner. Both these bus lines have regular trips to Caticlan and the trip will take you about 5 hours.

Once you have arrived at Caticlan you catch a boat (banca) across to Boracay, which will take you about 20 minutes maximum.

My recommendation would be to fly directly into Caticlan, it is by far the easiest way to get to Boracay from Cebu.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.......Brett

Cebu to boracay bus or ship travel
by: Anonymous

Hi im pj may i ask how to travel cebu to boracay by a ship or a bus only and how may it cost?where terminal in cebu may i go and what time will be the available flight by a bus ir a burge will ne available for it?

Cebu to boracay
by: Rudjack

Good day I want to go boracay via land trip with my car can you share some idea how to get in boracay thanks..

by: hi im florencio lobaton

hi how much fare from cebu to katiklan by plane?

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