bringing computers to philippines

by susan

How many computers allowed per person to bring in the Philippines?

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by: al

US appliances 110 v Philippines 220 v.

A step down trans or converter must be used a 1,000 or 2,000 watt step down trans will run computers, printer, fax or a small tv also with a 2,000w trans

110 volt compared to 220 volt
by: Anonymous

If bringing a computer from the USA where electricity is 110 volts; what is required to plug in computer in Philippines, where I believe electric is 210-220 volts?



You will need a step up transformer. My suggestion to you is to just purchase a unit here locally.

They are not that expensive and will save you the trouble of lugging a ?box? thousands of miles around.


how much can a Balikbayan bring
by: Brett

Hi Susan,

It will depend whether or not you are a returning overseas worker (Balikbayan).

Normally a balikbayan is entitled to bring in, duty and tax free Ten Thousand (P10,000.00) of USED home appliances, provided:

a) the quantity is limited to one of each kind;
b) the privilege has not been enjoyed previously during the calendar year which fact must be declared under oath by the owner;
c) the owner?s passport is presented at the port/airport of entry;
d) any amount in excess of P10,000.00 will be subject to duty and tax.

More information regarding custom duties can be obtained from the bureau of custom at their website:


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