Bohol, Americans might get fustrated with the slow pace there

by David l.Hyde
(O'Fallon,Mo. USA)

My wife just came back after a months stay work-vacation, she was there to visit her family and get some home improvements done on the family home there.

At this point my wife has now spent about 1/2 her life in the Philippines and 1/2 here in the states.

They were having a new deep well dug and some remodeling projects and repairs made. She was very put out at having to wait in long lines for the banking, very slow. Having to wait several hours after a set doctor appointment for her mom. To get the items needed for the home materials she often had to go to several stores. For the correct pump motor for the deep well she had to send someone to the next island.

While she got a lot done and it looks good, she came home wore out.

On the plus side she had fresh sea food almost daily and lots of fresh fruits. She complained that workers often showed up with no tools expecting you to provide them.

While my wife loves to visit she has become very American and wants things done instantly and correct. By correct i mean her way , women run the Philippines. Getting things done there often involves bribes to speed things up.

Don't get me wrong i love the Philippines, you just have to be aware other countries have a slower pace of life.

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Sep 09, 2015
Slow pace of life
by: David Hyde

While my wife has lived 1/2 her life in the Philippines and 1/2 here in the states after not being home for a couple of years you sorta forget how hard it is to get things done there. First off my wife is a power house of energy always has to be busy doing some thing all the time. She likes projects done right(her way)as quickly as possible and on to the next project. When she is home visiting she is trying to get all house hold repairs and up dates ,in the time she has before her vacation is over. She has got used to running to a Home Depot or Lowe's hardware and being able to get out with ever thing we need for a project in a few minutes with just one stop. The idea of going to a 1/2 dozen stores to get items needed for a project drives her crazy now. One of the last projects she did was a new well ,after not being able to find the right pump on her island she had to send some one to the next island to get one there. I am sure it would be easier if we were retired and living there with no deadline to get things done. I am sure the next time she goes back she will have a whole new list of projects to get done.

Jul 28, 2015
Americans in Bohol
by: Anonymous

That is nothing new. You and your wife shouldn't be surprised at all.

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