Big La Laguna Beach white sand, crystal clear water.......

Big La Laguna Beach is my pick of the beaches in Puerto Galera Philippines. It is close enough to Sabang to enjoy the nightlife and restaurants, but far enough away to enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of a true tropical getaway.

The Beach

Unlike the beach at Sabang, which is used as a parking lot for banca's, the beach at Big La Laguna Beach is what you would expect from a tropical paradise. The white sand of the beach runs straight into the crystal clear water.

The sand is also clean and just right for kids to play in and around the waters edge. The wonderful thing about where the sand meets the waters edge for kids, is the fact that there is no surf to knock you over. You can play in safety, knowing that the water is just like a swimming pool.

Big La Laguna Beach

The photo above of beach shows what it is like at low tide. You have plenty of beach to enjoy.

This is taken looking west, directly behind or to the east is a smaller headland that takes you around to Small La Laguna Beach which you can walk over following the concrete path and then on to Sabang, which is the third beach along.

You will also note in the photo, that a section has been roped off to keep banca boats out of the designated swimming area. It is also in this area where you will find some great snorkeling.

Big La Laguna Beach Snorkelling and Diving

As you look out at the water from the beach you will see the water transform it's colour. Where the water laps at the sand it is crystal clear and you can easily see the white sand through the water. As your eyes follow the water out further, you notice subtle changes in the colour of the water, the changes in colour are due to what lies below the surface. Further at depth you can see turquoise and aqua coloured water, which indicates a bottom of sand at depth, very alluring and inviting.

Where the turquoise and aqua water meets a black area, that is a reef and should be checked out if you want to do some snorkelling or some shore diving. Always remember that the coral reef's best colours are close to the surface before the depth and water filters out the light. So you will not miss out if you are not a diver, if you are a diver make sure you have a look at the scuba diving on offer in Puerto Galera.

Big La Laguna Beach Puerto Galera

The seclusion of Big La laguna Beach is not for everyone, but do remember it is not far to either walk into Sabang

, and you can pub crawl all the way in and all the way back out if you choose, or you can go the lazy way of getting a banca in, out or both in and out. At least when you go to sleep you will not be drowned out with the noise and energy of Sabang.

The walk into Sabang is only about 15 minutes and it is impossible to get lost either way. In fact I don't think you can get lost. If you are heading into Sabang from here you follow the path over the headland, which now has lights for you to navigate with, then follow the next beach to the end, which is Small La Laguna Beach. At the end of Small La Laguna Beach there is an excellent bar called The Point, overlooking the water to Batangas and is well worth a quick stop if for nothing else than to marvel at the incredible view. The Point Bar separates Sabang and Small La Laguna Beach, once past The Point Bar you have arrived at Sabang.

Now getting back after a few merry ales. It is the same process. Just follow the beaches till you cannot go any further. You cannot go any further than Big La Laguna Beach, the point there in impassable.

Big La Laguna Beach Accommodation

There is only one place to stay in my opinion and that is the La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Resort. It is without doubt, head and shoulders above any other resort on Big La Laguna Beach and for that matter in Puerto Galera. If you want to stay here you do have to book well in advance as they quite often have to turn guests away as they are more often than not full. A good sign!

How do I get to Big La Laguna Beach?

Getting to Big La Laguna Beach is real easy and because of it's close proximity to Manila make it a very popular weekend destination. There is any number of ways to get here.

Check out travel to Puerto Galera for tips to get to Puerto Galera in general.

Or have a look here for information on getting to Sabang.

Big La Laguna Beach is my pick and favourite of the beaches in Puerto Galera, it is close enough to the restaurants of Sabang and far enough away to still feel isolated in solitude.

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