beware taxis in manila

by bob

Traveled by taxi a few times and drivers didnt put meter on.

Common trick, tell them to put it on or stop the cab and get another, they are gonna try and charge you a stupid fee.

One guy tried this with me when I got a cab to mall of Asia, it cost 60 pesos. Got cab back to Traders Hotel and realised halfway the meter wasnt on, guy said i wasnt working when got to traders.

Stopped 200 meters from hotel and tried to charge me 400 peseos gave him 60 n got out of the cab and shouted to hotel security, I hasten to add he raced off very quickly.

So beware of dodgy drivers, if in doubt tell him to stop the cab and get out.

Thats just one of a few times I nearly got ripped off. In general though most the drivers are good and more than helpful when lookig for places to go or things to do, just beware of the dodgy ones

If in doubt sit behind driver because if he decides to get nasty u can grab his seatbelt till u get out (advice from a taxi driver in manila who was my guide for 2 days ).

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Nov 06, 2011
It's Asia....
by: Steve

They try the same thing here in China, but the law here is simple: You pay what's on the meter. If they didn't drop the flag, the meter reads ZERO and the ride is free.

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