being met by someone at naia

by bill
(chicago il usa)

What is the best way for my girl friend to meet me at ninoy aquino airport?

She will know my flight number and airline and of course my name, is there a good way to plan it so we dont lose each other in the sea of people i imagine there will be there?

Ff she takes a taxi to the airport will the driver help her to find me and we could then take the same taxi to the condo that i am renting?

Thank you

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By asking the taxi driver about helping your gf to find you and let him wait to drive you back to your hotel/condo, it is possible if money is not an issue for you.......

Otherwise after the taxi dropped off your gf at the airport you have this option for the AIRPORT TAXIS to drive you to your place. They have the STANDARD PRICE LIST which are pretty more cheaper than hiring those taxis that you can find everywhere.

NOT ALL BUT MOST OF THE TIME they take advantage of those needful circumstances and gives you a real PRICE IN A BOOOM!!!!!!!!!


by: Anonymous

As you go out of the airport in the ARRIVAL AREA, be sure to stand and wait within the AREA of your INITIALS...

They have LETTER SIGNS like A-D, E-H, and so on....

Tell your girlfriend to concentrate looking for you in that area so it will be more easy to find you there.

Best Regards!!!!!!


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