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The last trip I went to Philippines with my family was in Dec 2009.

We stayed for 25 days, thus needed to extent the pass for at a total cost of more than PHP12,000 even though it was for additional of 4 days.

We learnt later that since my wife is Filipina, we could apply for the "Balikbayan pass".

We are going to Philippines again end of the year.

What are the legal documents we need to bring with us to show the immegration officer at the entry point so that we can stay longer than 21 days without extenting our passes.

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Retirement Visa
by: Stan

I have recently moved to the Philippines but from my understanding I need to get a retirement visa. Any ideas on how that works or where to start to get one??

Visa for Balikbayan?
by: Brett


To obtain the Balikbayan pass, you need to get your passport stamped at the Philippines embassy or consular office to be presented to the immigration officers at the port at entry in the Philippines.

Alternatively, your wife can show proof to the immigration officers at the port of entry that she is a filipino or a former filipino with her old passport or birth certificate.

For spouses who are not balikbayan in their own right but is travelling with a Philippines citizen, you must show proof of your relationship with the balikbayan or Philippines citizen such as a marriage certificate for the spouse and birth certs for the children.

In addition, your passport must have at least 6 months validity left. For the balikbayan stamp, there is no fee payable.

More information regarding the balikbayan program can be obtained from the Philippines government tourism website at:

Kind Regards

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