Baler Weather, your daily forecast.

If you are a surfer then knowing what the Baler weather will be is beyond important, it is critical to life!

Sound extreme, if you are a surfer you would understand.

January and February in Baler are the coldest months, these two months are also two of the wettest months of the year. The hottest months are June and July

Baler weather opens to the Pacific Ocean a surfers paradise!

What is the temperature in Baler right now?

The sticker below will give you the Baler weather right now.

The top of the sticker lets you know where the weather forecast is for. So in this case it is Baler.

Underneath the location the Baler weather sticker lets you know if it is raining or sunny.

Continuing under the Baler forecast it lets you know how humid it is and being the Philippines it is always humid, just the number that changes!

Then you have a visibility sign, obviously the bigger the number the clearer the day.

Continuing down to the last bit of information is the wind and it's strength.

Beside all this information it shows a picture of what is happening, a sun for being a sunny day and lightning for storms etc...

Then the most important Baler weather information, the temperature.

All information provided is in both Imperial and Metric, for those that are challenged in either one!

What time does the sun rise and set in Baler?

This sticker will help you to plan your day by knowing when the sun rises and sets in Baler.

It also gives you information on the rising and setting of the moon over Baler. All times shown is Philippines local time.

Have a look here for the temperature of other Philippines cities?.

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