Baler Aurora - the East Coast - Pacific Ocean side

by donnah

In Luzon facing the Pacific Ocean is the surf haven Baler where you could find the renowned Cobra Reef they have the first surf shop & surf school there now.

It's called Mahdox Surf Shop and Surf School on Sabang Beach Baler Aurora Province Philippines. It's the only one there.

Their instructors are top ranking surfers Their rates are coordinated accordingly by the United Pinoy Surfers where rates have been standardized so as to avoid anyone ripping off the tourists.

The Owner and the one running the Surf School there is Rommel " okoy" Rojo he is ranked 1 in the Philippine Surfing Scene for 2007. He is also the President of the Surf Club in Baler. He is a professional Filipino Surfer with international sponsors such as: Volcom, Havaiinas, Dakine, FCS among others.

So it is good too that you have this information so that people will know they have reliable instructors. Mr. Rojo is in fact part of the video that you have on your site regarding Baler.... the aurora surfing challenge was his project and he was also the one behind the Aurora Longboard Summer Jam that usually falls end of March or April.

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