Baguio, a true gem.

by Michael Craddock
(Marysville, WA, USA)

I visited Baguio in 2005 with my wife who is a Filipina. Although we found a lot of inexpensive hotels all over, we ended up at The Mile High Inn in Camp John Hay.

For some reason, it doesn't seem to be advertised very much, but, we found it to be quite comfortable. There are no air conditioners, but, in October, when we visited, it wasn't necessary.

It rained for a while which added to our relief from the heat of Manila. Our room overlooked a ravine with a picturesque foot bridge spanning it. Upstairs were several places to eat and shop including a duty free liquor store. The Mile High Inn is just across from the more popular Manor which is a wonderful hotel that isn't expensive considering it's class.

We visited all of the usual places while in Baguio and especially liked Burnham Park. Visit the wet market so that you can get vegetables not found in the lower elevation cities.

I was so impressed with Baguio that I intend to explore it as a possible retirement location. Be aware of the congestion downtown and the smog.

A trip to the Philippines isn't complete unless you have visited Baguio.

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