Angeles City Trip

by Peter
(Brampton Ontario Canada)

I traveled to Angeles City in mid May of 2014.

When i first arrived i thought i was walking into an oven. It was HOT....i stayed with my partner at his sisters house which was small and hot, but full of love. They had A/C in one of the rooms where i was staying or else i would not have survived, it was running 24/7.

I did faint a couple of days in, a couple of days after that i was hospitalized for severe dehydration, but they took really good care of me at the hospital and for 4 days stay all fees were under 300 Canadian dollars.

The reason for my hospitalization was because i loved my smoothies without thinking they were using local water, i drank distilled water and gatorade but when in the malls i always had smoothies and that did me in. after about 2 wks of being sick i was anxious to just go home, but i came to my senses and started to enjoy the city, went to the casino, went to the beach, went to the markets and really enjoyed it, i also went house hunting with my partner and we found a nice house at timog by clarke air base, it should be completed this January 2014 and we will be going there this February to enjoy it for 3 wks. we will come home for a few more months and then move back permanently around Sept or Oct.

I felt safe the whole time, and they had guards with guns everywhere, but when i went to the wet market, i had to remove my jewelry and had one person in front of me and one behind me, i guess they wanted to guard me, but i still felt very safe.

The filipino people are very friendly and all speak english, the malls you wouldn't even know you were in the philippines, you would think you were in a mall in the United States.

There were areas where it smelled really bad and had to hold my breath, and some areas looked very slummy, so there was the good and the bad, and of course not to mention the amount of beggars including children. I gave a lot of pesos away, however word of mouth got out and it was a constant stream of people begging, i had to be rushed's worth a visit, but keep in mind not expect to arrive in paradise, it is after all a 3rd world country, if you enjoy a layed back life style, enjoy basking in the sun and living a modest life, you would do very well here....that is why i'm going over there.

I don't need to be rich, i just want to be happy and not worry everyday about bills, my job, and winter. i budgeted 700 a month and that is going to give me a good life style so i can enjoy my life without all the stress.

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