airfares and visa to the philippines

I attend on getting married with a Philippine women, and my intentions are to stay as long as I can in the country.

I have know idea where to apply for a visa, nor do I know what it will cost me...but if i get a one year visa, then get married, would i be able to obtain a 13a, and become a resident within a one year span?

How do I get a 13a if it is possible?

I plan on purchasing a roundtrip ticket and putting it off then paying the 250 dollor fee after 11 months if things dont work out with her.

But what if i get married, process the 13a, will i be able to stay as long as 5 to 10 years???

And i know an open ticket will run me near 5 thousand, with a limit of one year with Delta. She works for the government, a English teacher/journist, would this be a benifit?

And if this is all possible (staying as long as 5 to 10 years) could this be achieved with as much or less then five thousand dallors?

And if possble but if it may cost more...about how much?? I would be very thankful for any helpful feeback.

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One year exit
by: Brian

I am an American citizen that has lived in the Philippines for a little over a year and just got back from my 1 year exit. My only wish is that the philippines Government would come up with a law that would let you pay the Immigration office instead of having to pay so much money to go out of the country.

I wish there could be a representative for us that could suggest this to an official. As it is now, we contribute quite a bit of money to the economy.

Why not add a little more by paying for your exit instead of paying other means. Thanks for listening.

Airfares and visa to the philippines
by: Hiler, Duaine

I intend on living in the philippines for as long as possible. If I purchase a One-way ticket then i have to show proof that im leaving the country of the philippines with in 21 days.

So, would i have to purchase a round trip ticket or a one way ticket from Manila to Hong kong(Or any other near by country).

I was told by immigration that I can give my fiance special power of attorney to process my visa for up to a year..I believe. All I needed was my birth cert and passport, But im still not really positive about if they will ask for a ticket leaving the country?

She herself, can mantain a steady imcome to support us in the country. I dont believe i would be a bourden to the country.

My question is can she take responsibilty over me, in order for me to live in the country? or maybe become a citizen....etc.

I have a set amount of money put aside just in case something were to go not so as planned. I have so many questions, and is there someone or a agent i can speak with who handles cases like this?

I dont want to jump ahead making decisions without seeing everything through first. My ultimate goal is to find the best(cheapest) way to stay in the philippines without over looking everything(what could go wrong).

And for the flights, I know the one-way is about a thousand now, and as for the other ticket, leaving the the country of the philippines, im thinking around 2 to 4 hundred. I dont believe i can purchase a one-way from manila to hong kong, and if i get a round from manila to hong kong then back, that doesnt show proof that I am actually leaving the country, im just going back and forth.

I know i can extend my visa, but its only in some cases that its 12 or 24 months. I would really look forward to any feedback on this.



Regarding your tickets, my suggestion is get a one way ticket from those no frills airlines like Air Asia or Cebu Pacific. The ticket will cost you around a hundred dollars. Whether you use it or not is a different matter. Once you are in the country, you can extend your stay every 2 months for 60 days until a year. I think that is plenty of time for you to sort out your permanent stay here.

Regarding an agent to help you facilitate this matter, yes I can recommend one to you once you are in the country.


Long visas to the philippines
by: Brett


You cannot get a one year visa per se. However, what you can do is extend your tourist visa after the initial 21 days with blocks of 60 days up to a maximum of one year.

Within the one year period, you can get married and apply for a balikbayan visa (issued by virtue of the fact that you are married to a Filipina) which is valid for one year.

Then, you can convert this visa to PR status which allows you to stay in the Philippines as long as you like.

If you require assistance for this matter, we can recommend someone trustworthy to help you handle all the local paperwork and bureaucracy.

If your goal is to retire in the Philippines, then I don?t think you need a round trip ticket. You just need to show an exit ticket (regardless of your final destination) out of the county upon entry to the country.

Get a one way ticket from the US to the Philippines and a cheap flight 21 days ticket from Philippines to Malaysia or Singapore using the budget airlines.

You can easily purchase the ticket online through their websites at:


For your extension of your visa, you do not need to show an exit ticket.

Thus, even though your budget airlines ticket expired, it will not cost you as much as buying a round trip ticket for US to Philippines and vice versa.


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