Zyrst Pension House Makati, aka Time Traveller's Inn

I booked to stay there just January 2011. I found the place to be NOTHING like the photos that are posted. Place was utter rubbish! Stayed there for about an hour, decided I couldn't take it anymore, and got the heck out. And mind you, I arrived at 1am. YES, I was willing to brave the streets at 2am just to get away from that place.

I found this place via sulit.ph and I kept seeing its listings accompanied by photos of nice, clean rooms with windows and comfy-looking beds. I decided I liked it and wanted to stay for a weekend.

So after work, I took a cab to the inn, and my goodness, the moment I got down, I already decided I disliked the place. At the gate were a group of men, some shirtless, just smoking and looking like complete thugs. Past the gate and into the garage, I found plastic tables and chairs strewn with bottles of Red Horse beer and occupied by obviously tipsy men.

Braving it, I went ahead and thought maybe it won't be so bad once I'm in my room. I checked in and the room I got was NOTHING LIKE WAS ADVERTISED!! It smelled of cockroaches, the linoleum on the floor was torn at some places, there was no shower heater, there was NO WATER IN THE SINK, THE ONLY WORKING SOCKET WAS ABOVE THE SINK, neither the TV nor the small fridge in the room worked, the only security you get is the flimsy doorknob lock and an even flimsier bolt, and the bed was this AWFUL spring mattress that has already obviously lost all its springs, AND it felt dirty and looked like it probably had fleas in it. Even their promise of wifi was untrue.

I spent about an hour just sitting in my room, confused and trying to figure out what to do, before finally deciding I was probably better off sleeping at a McDonalds or a Starbucks than there.

AND get this, I was still charged for the full night of my stay! AND they don't even have an official receipt! All they gave me was this generic receipt that you could buy from any bookstore! Are they even a legitimate business??


Comment from Brett:

Thanks for your update.

We have not received many good reviews or reports on this property.

I have never stayed there and with these kinds of reviews I probably never will, there are a lot of choices for you to spend your money on accommodation elsewhere.

It would be good if the owner or manager of the hotel could respond to the criticism aimed at them, but they probably will not.

Thanks for your update, hopefully people will read these reviews and think twice about spending the hard earned cash there.


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Jan 08, 2015
Poor Customer Service
by: Anonymous

This place is so awful from people who work there they are not professionals and the areas are so dirty. This good place is good for people a want to have some drinking or SEX session if they don;t have option or place to go to this is the best one.

Those Visayans or Waray receptionist are rude and they don't know how to accommodate people so DAMN people.

They owner of this accommodation should their facilities and special the way they treat people.

Dec 27, 2013
it's what it's all about!!
by: Anonymous

at least you've tried, brave one!! better go check in at a cozy 6 star hotel next time! that pension house in makati is only one of the few choices for "kuripots" or very low budgeted people unlike you. But mind you, you could have at least requested to transfer to their more pricier rooms --they're pretty decent rooms I tell you..

Oct 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have also a bad experience in this zyrst pension...the picture they attached in their facebook account, was all of nothing, it is not true, and one thing is that their rooms is unsafe, there's a lot small holes in their wall, what kind is that place...beware!

Jul 10, 2013
What A Piece Of Cow Shit
by: Joseph

I went here and looked at the area and room before I ever rented the place.
They did not want to show it before payment so I told them to rent it to some drunk or sex tourist not me !!!!

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