Xoom to the Philippines

by Mark

I’ve tried Western Union, but Xoom is by far the fastest and cheapest to send money to the Philippines.

If you have an account or credit card and your girlfriend or wife has an account, either a savings or checking, with BDO or other bank, sending her money is literally one click away.

I have been doing this without a hitch for almost 2 years.


It works.

A word of caution though, a fee is charged for the service and the Xoom exchange rates are NOT competitive. You will save money if she has a dollar account at her bank and you send her dollars rather than pesos. If she withdraws dollars and exchanges for pesos she will ultimately have more money.


Comment by: Brett

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the information on sending money to the Philippines using Xoom.

Using Xoom, if you pay with a bank account, ie direct debit from your bank account, the flat fee starts at US$5.99.

If however you pay by credit card or debit card the fees really shoot up, if you are sending US$200 the fee is US$9.99 if you send US$1,000 the fee jumps to US$18.99.

You also get a very poor exchange rate.

So you are right Mark, the exchange rates and fees are from Xoom are definitely not competitive.

Thanks for the information.


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Sep 11, 2013
Xoom.com Apps
by: Anonymous

I tried using their new apps for android but gave me lots of trouble. When I uploaded the apps from my tablet I saw arrows then slide one of the arrows and all of a sudden a new page appeared that says, "check the completed transaction". When I checked my desktop computer, I found out that I just sent money to the person I had transaction six months ago using Xomm.com Android Apps. I called Xoom.com customer service that there was an error occurred and if they can correct the transaction because my intention was to send money only to my son.

The customer service declined to correct the error and advised me to coordinate with the recipient to send back the money. The problem with this company is they don't listen to the cause of the problem.

I thought this company is the kind of company that projects an image they promote on their advertisements.

After two years of experience sending money through this company I, my family and friends decided to stop doing business with XOOM period com. Experience is really a very good teacher!

Jan 23, 2012
HSBC Bank in the Philippines
by: Adolf

I use HSBC bank. It is a world wide bank you can use. I use it to send money back to Cebu and it never costs me anything.

If you have family in the Philippines just open an account online and send a card to your love ones back home and you can add money to the account by doing a bank to bank transfer from your Bank Account, it will take about 3 days to add funds but they can get the money out with the card at most ATMs.

They also have many branches in the Philippines. So stop paying for those money orders or other fees.

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