What comes around goes around, cockfighting

by ledfut

So today the cocks fight and tomorrow people fight.

If thats the BEST source of income in that county, it will be one I will never visit.

It's a poor mans sport.

An uneducated poor mans sport.

What comes around goes around - today the birds, tomorrow maybe you.

Regrets to you and all of yours.

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Apr 07, 2014
its a blood sportt
by: Anonymous

The fighting rooster lives longer and is pampered until the day it fights for its life in the arena.

Its a blood sport and as such you stay a safe distance from the fighters, if you like to gamble, it is a fair fight

Mar 22, 2014
its not whatyou think.
by: Anonymous

Definitely not the source of income for the Philippines. There are thousands of islands and lots of fish in the sea around them. Tourism which provides a lot income, fishing is a trade and provides jobs and food. They cannot afford to be lazy. they know they have to work to eat. there are no free rides.

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