true love in pampanga

by james
(mount airy nc usa)

I met my fiancé on a pen pal website called interpals. I was going thru a bad time in my life and just needed a friend.

I saw a beautiful girl on there named Miriam. I sent her a short message, just wanted to be her friend. I really wasn’t expecting to hear back from her, but the next day I had a reply back. We became friends. We would send little messages back and forth.

We took our time getting to know each other. Our conversations started getting longer and longer. I’ve heard all the stories about the women over there wanting money, but she has never asked for anything. It took me months before she agreed to let me get her a webcam, I really wanted to see her and hear her voice.

She was more beautiful then I ever imagined. She spoke perfect English, we got to know each other even more. After 2 years of talking I finally went over in February of 2011.

Her mom and her sister went to Manila to meet me at the airport. The bad part was I missed my flight in China and had to spend the night. They would not call the airport in Manila and tell her what happened, so her and her family was walking around Manila looking for me late at night, which wasn’t a good thing for 3 women to be walking around Manila late at night.

I got to the hotel and they let me send her an email. The next morning she called the hotel. I picked up the phone and she was crying, so her and her sister met me at the airport again. When we saw each other, I threw the sign with my name on it down. We ran to each other and hugged and kissed. I said its about time.

We took a bus back to Pampanga. I got sick from all the weather changes I had gone through and she took me to the emergency room 2 nights in a row. The 2nd night I went to bed and something startled me. She was sitting at the edge of the bed with a pan of water and a washrag, bringing my fever down. Every morning she would wash my clothes by hand in the sink.

We would walk every morning to the jeepney station and go to her parent’s house. We would stop and eat breakfast. Then walk to their house and spend time with her parents.

Her dad took me aside and had a long talk with me. He said he wants me to be good to his daughter and I said I will.

I got to see how the culture is so different from America. Family really does come first. And thanks to her, I know what true love is. Her family, which is really big, was so nice to me. It’s hard to get use to someone waiting on me. Im’ so use to doing everything myself. I can’t wait to retire over there. She will be over here soon, we are both going to work over here and save all of our money for 5 years, then move over there and open a super market.

So to other guys who are thinking about doing this, take your time and really get to know her. Never ever send money, if she starts asking for it. Find out what her hopes and dreams are and most of all stay positive, there are some really nice women over there.

Sincerely James e

Hi James,

What a lovely story!

Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The lesson here is to never rush into anything, take your time and be patient.

I wish both of you the very best.


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