Trader's Hotel Manila

by Bobby
(Minneapolis, MN USA)

I stayed at Trader's Hotel - Manila.

This is a very nice hotel. The restaurant is very nice. If you sign up for their "rewards" program, breakfast in their restaurant is 50% off.
Staff are awesome at Trader's! Always cheerful, polite, and helpful.

I took a three day side trip to Palawan. I didn't want to haul all my luggage with me and had reservations at Trader's for the return to Manila. The hotel gladly stored my extra bags and they were waiting for me when I came back.

The lobby bar is quaint, and staff very pleasant. Live band playing most nights after 8:30pm.

The rooms are extremely comfortable. Free internet connection in your room, and free Wi-Fi in other places in the hotel.

There is a pool on the 3rd floor, and looked nice, but I didn't have time to check it out personally.

For the most part, English is well understood by the hotel staff.

Overall, the place is very comfortable and I will stay there again.

Only one word of "caution" the buildings on either side of this hotel are pretty run down and lots of trash laying all over the place. Trader's has excellent security personnel on duty around the clock, and there were no problems with unauthorized people wandering around inside the hotel.

They also have a nice internet cafe that sells coffee, snacks and also is where you mail your postcards.

I loved Trader's very much!

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