Suscide because of Phillipines Marraige

by Will

My son married a Philippines woman and had a son.

He committed suicide two years later.

He could not cope with the pressures of supporting her entire family.

She married him for money and this was forced upon her by the family, with teaching her to fish for an American man.

They sucked him dry and when he failed to have me turn over my pension and live there, she became difficult.

After living there 1.5 years without employment he came home, never wanting to go back to work as a truck drive.

I gave free living here for him so he could save money and visit 4 months a year there.

9 days after being here in my house, I found him on the bedroom floor with his head blown up.

I supported my Philippines grandson at $500/ month when she started hitting on me for more money for her other family members.

She has 4 other sisters with Foreign husbands each in the same life.

It is all about money for poverty people.

It is a scam every time from an impoverished culture. They will destroy Foreigners in search for love.

They are the spiders and we are the fly.

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