stay safe, stay alert in the Philippines

I’ve lived in the Philippines for 6 years and have been coming here on a regular basis to visit my kano family for around 20 years. I love living here and ill probably die here.

Here are some things the I’ve deduced since I’ve been here:

1. MOST Filipino’s are liars, it’s in their DNA to cheat and back stab.

They don’t just do this with Kano’s they will lie and cheat equally as well with there family’s or anyone that they stand something to gain out of.

Look at the idiot’s that run the country, they openly lie, cheat and extort without batting an eyelid…………no wonder the country is bankrupt.

I’m not “social” unlike many Filipino’s, instead I have always been fair and HONEST.

2. Beware ALL Kano’s………….fairness and honesty are regarded as weakness.

ALWAYS be firm and clearly lay out the boundaries and from time to time reiterate these. If the Filipino doesn’t like it, then loose the dead wood.

3. NEVER trust a Filipino with money or important legal matters.

NEVER, otherwise you will end up as one of the countless casualties that will return to your home country with zero cash and even less self respect.

4. DO NOT go into business with a Filipino ULESS you have complete control over decision making and the purse strings.

ONLY put into any partnership what you can afford to loose, as the chances are you will loose it.

5. Before jumping into ANY relationship do the following:

Make sure you live far away from any family otherwise they will bleed you dry and wreck your relationship. Get your partner to draw the line of who are the “real” family.

I drew the line at brothers and sisters……….all the rest of them can piss off as far as I’m concerned.

6. WATCH YOUR BACK AT ALL TIMES…………you cannot trust anyone in this country including a lot of Kano’s.

7. ALWAYS do important things YOURSELF.

Don’t relay on other people to do it for you. It’s a common scam here to use lazy Kano’s and “fix” everything for them. The upshot is one day you will find that nothing was ever “fixed” and you are deep in the shit.
8. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get involved in a friendship with police or otherwise, especially an “introduced” friendship……….keep things on a need to know basis, be polite and friendly and keep it that way.

OTHERWISE one day you will regret it when they come to kick down your door and plant drugs or whatever then EXTORT you for every cent you have.

9. KEEP your booze intake to a level that you’re comfortable with.

I had a friend that was recently murdered by his scumbag Filipna wife and the parasite family. Basically he got weak in the mind because the family was poisoning him with booze and other things…………strange thing was his body was cremated the same day as he died without even his Kano family knowing of it.

10. DO NOT ALOW ANYONE TO ISOLATE YOU from friends etc.

This is a common ploy, isolation leads to weakness on your part. If you become isolated, from reality then your one step away from disaster.

Godbless the Philippines :-)

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Dec 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

aw. I feel so sorry for meet the wrong person to describe Philippines like that.
yes I admit that there are some Pilipino's with that attitude but not ALL. most of us (Pilipino)are Hospitable and respectful to our guest even though they are not family or acquaintance and I think those attitude are not ONLY found in the Philippines.
uhm I'm sorry just telling the truth,its my opinion
(rip my english)

Dec 19, 2011
Love living in the Philippines but hate it?
by: Anonymous

In spite of all the bad things you said about the Philippines and the Filipinos, you still love living in the Philippines?

I don't get it, mate.

You're probably a scumbag with no where to go, a very unhappy miserable, whining man who sees only the negatives.

Wake up or ship out!

Dec 13, 2011
watch your mouth
by: Anonymous

as far as i know..Filipinos are known for being hospitable...I have nothing to do about what you say, all I can do is to let you eat all the things you write against Filipino...

Oct 20, 2011
Take his advice.
by: Anonymous

I'm a filipino, I can attest to the above. If you're reading this do take his advice. Remember too though that its just the lay of the land. Being born here, I know how to duck and weave, and carry with me a measure of distrust everywhere I go. For a foreigner though, used to a simpler, more straight-forward society, things are understandably much harder.

Good luck!

Oct 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Whoah! That was some serious stuff man. Get your booty out of there then. The stuff you said are mostly true just depending on who is reading it. Stay safe and go back to the states.

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